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The BabyLove Cosifit™ Dream 

Are you frustrated with the nappies you’re currently using for your baby? Do they leave your little one with red marks, rashes or dreaded leakage?

Making sure that your baby’s bottom can breathe easily and stay nice and dry is what every parent wants. We all want to ensure that we are getting a quality product that is gentle on our baby’s skin. With so many choices in the disposable nappy market, it’s overwhelming deciding what’s going to best suit our baby’s needs and lifestyle. Well, that was until now, if you want to say “bye” to these problems, then the BabyLove Cosifit™ should be your next choice.

With our busy lives and unpredictable schedules, BabyLove Cosifit™ Nappies are a timesaver.

Here what we love most about the BabyLove Cosifit™

They are the only nappy in Australia to feature specially designed technology to help prevent harsh red marks and provide the ultimate leakage protection around the legs and waist.

They are ultra-soft, with material Designed to breathe and help prevent nappy rash.

They come with DriWaveTM technology that delivers instant absorption to keep your baby comfy and dry.

The wetness indicator changes from yellow to blue when wet so you’ll never go wrong with nappy changing time. (* Newborn & Infant only)

They provide sizing indicators to avoid nappy mix ups at change time, particularly helpful if you have more than one baby in nappies.

They have been designed to be ultra absorbent and gentle on your baby’s skin so they are excellent to use both day and night. BabyLove Cosifit™ Nappies are suitable for boys and girls and have an extensive range to suit all your needs, from premmies right through to junior size.

The BabyLove Cosifit™ Nappies are the ultimate pick for parents. Not only are the super absorbent, reliable and comfortable – which are three main things parents dream about when it comes to selecting the right nappy.

If this wasn’t enough to convince you, we had 3 everyday mum that read My Child Magazine review the BabyLove Cosifit™ nappies and here’s what they had to say: 

“Recently my 2 year old and I were offered a box of Cosifit™ nappies to trial in Walker size 12-17kg. Suitable for both boys and girls. 

They are made of a soft material that doesn’t cause red marks around the legs and the tabs were great and didn’t tear or not stick unlike some other brands we have used. The stretchy waist was great making it comfortable for my daughter.

I also love that the nappies each have a size indicator on them making it so much easier at change time especially when out and about. Nothing worse than having to hope you have the right size nappy only to start changing and it’s not the right size. I loved that the nappies seemed to be of a bigger fit so my daughter would be able to stay in the walker size for quite some time. 

I would definitely recommend BabyLove Cosifit™ Fit nappies to any new mums and will definitely be telling all my friends with children in nappies about my BabyLove experience. I will also be using these nappies from day one for my newborn who is due July” 

– Alexandra

“BabyLove are reliable, comfortable, affordable and are great to use both day and night. I have found that they hold quite a lot of liquid in between changes and the liquid is spread across the nappy. This ensures my baby is comfortable in between changes and doesn’t have a huge bulge of nappy in between her legs. 

The Cosifit™ design is great. I have found that this design doesn’t leave red marks or cut into her skin like other brands – it even helps to hold in all of the poo explosions. 

I love the waist tabs; they feel very secure and are easy to use. BabyLove Cosifit™ nappies feel ultra-soft and are very breathable ensuring my baby is comfortable at all times and eliminates the chances of getting nappy rash” 

– Anne

“I become a first-time mum on the 11/04/16. My daughter started with the massive poo explosions just a few days old. Every explosion resulted in the full change of clothes due to nappies not holding it in the side. After a few months of going through the soaking of clothes the multiple baths some days, I figured surely there has to something better on the market. 

I changed to BabyLove. I was sold from the first nappy I put on. The fit was great, no more explosions and the nappies were nice and soft but yet super absorbent. I wish I had tried them from when she was a newborn. 

We recently had our second child on the 20/04/2017 and this time I stocked up on BabyLove nappies to give them a go from the start. BabyLove has the a little cut out in them to accommodate the cord and clip so no folding required. The biggest thing we are finding is the value for money using BabyLove nappies, having two kids in nappies is costly on a single wage but these are definitely affordable even when they are not on sale. From personal experience, I would highly recommend these nappies to all mums” 

– Corrina

BabyLove Cosifit™ Nappies are an ultimate godsend. So, what are you waiting for? Jump right in and experience the Cosifit™ dream today.

For further information about BabyLove Cosifit Nappies, visit www.babylovenappies.

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