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Breech Birth

By Jana Angeles  

So you’re about to have your baby soon but medical professionals have revealed you may need to undergo a breech birth. What is a breech birth and how does it happen? Well, a breech birth means that instead of your baby being born head first, their bottom half of the body will come out first. Usually breech births require immediate medical attention so a C-section may be performed once the baby is ready to come out. There are further complications if your breech baby being delivered vaginally, putting them at high risk of a brain injury or not receiving enough oxygen.

There are some common causes that can cause a breech birth and/or the traverse positioning of your baby. These include:

  • Insufficient physical activity by the mother.
  • The baby’s head size is big and the mother’s pelvic region is narrow.
  • Less baby movement due to physiological reasons such as low birth weight.
  • There is less volume of amniotic fluid inside the womb for the baby to float and move.

There are some ways where you can try and position your baby normally while they’re still in the womb. These techniques can help prepare you for a safe delivery.

  • Crawling: Even if you’re weeks away from giving birth, crawling for around 10 mins per day can help your baby turn inside the womb. Make sure when you’re in the position of crawling, bend your knees and have your palms resting on the floor to help support your upper body. You also need to keep your back straight while crawling. If you’re concerned over the safety of your belly bump, know that a full-term pregnancy bump will not touch the floor! Crawling is an effective way to help your baby position themselves for a natural birthing process.
  • Walking: Simply walking twice a day can help your baby turn! When you walk for around 20 to 25 minutes during the last trimester of your pregnancy, you will be increasing the chances of your baby being in the natural position for birth. Because your baby’s head is the heaviest part of their body, walking can help gravitate it downwards. You will also meet your daily exercise requirement too!
  • Swimming: Taking up some swimming during the early stages of pregnancy is a good idea because once you’ve built the skill and strength of doing breast stroke, this will come naturally during your last trimester. Because it’s a low impact activity, it will boost your maternal and fetal health. It’s also a great way to relax your body, making you feel at ease.
  • Yoga: There are many benefits from doing yoga during pregnancy but it is not advised to undertake any yoga exercises unless it’s been approved by a doctor. If you started doing yoga at the start of your pregnancy, feel free to undertake exercises involving crawling or being on all fours. Avoid attempting any unfamiliar movements that may hurt you and the baby.
  • Sleeping: It’s important to get at least eight hours of sleep per night, especially when you’re pregnant. Not only is it good for your physical health, it’s also good for your mentality and mood. In the last few months of pregnancy, lie on your left side and have a pillow beneath your belly. Even when you’re sitting, make sure you have all the comfort and support by leaning on the left side of large bean bags.
  • Undertake some floor exercises: Doing the back bridge exercise may help your baby turn into the natural position for birthing. See picture below as an example:


Image Source: GetLoss 

While doing this, make sure you regulate your breathing and move your body up and down carefully. It’s believed that this floor exercise is an effective method to help your baby turn, preventing a breech birth from occurring.

Although these are some effective techniques, they are not guaranteed fixes for people who have a breech baby. If you’re unsure of something, be sure to seek advice from a medical professional to help you determine whether or not it is safe for you and the baby. Just remember that a natural birth is best as it helps reduce the risk of medical interventions. Apply these techniques with caution and have hope for a safe delivery.

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