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School Kids

  • What To Do When Your Child Disappoints

    Written by Jana Angeles  As much as you love your children, there will be a time in your life where they...

    My ChildSeptember 1, 2016
  • Good Behaviour Tips

    Written by Jana Angeles Good behaviour skills are amplified when your child attends school. Before they even set foot on school...

    My ChildJuly 29, 2016
  • Why Real Play for Children is important

    Written by Jana Angeles With the latest cool, techy gadgets and the non-stop, colourful marathons of cartoons, there has been a...

    My ChildJuly 29, 2016
  • What to Do When Your Child Catches You Having Sex

    As a parent, you’re not alone, if you find yourself having sex with one ear open whilst regularly monitoring the door...

    My ChildJuly 1, 2016
  • Discipline For Children

    You don’t need to physically punish children to teach them. They learn best when ‘good’ behaviour is encouraged and they feel...

    My ChildMay 11, 2016
  • Boarding School

    Making the decision to send a child away to boarding school for secondary school years can be a very stressful time...

    My ChildFebruary 4, 2016
  • Cyberbullying

    Cyberbullying is any kind of bullying or harassment done using technology. It really sucks because it can be public, hard to...

    My ChildFebruary 4, 2016
  • How to Choose the Perfect Toys

    Toys and games for kids – how do you know what’s best? Finding toys that your child will enjoy and learn...

    My ChildDecember 7, 2015
  • How Safe is Paracetamol for Children?

    Most parents have given their children paracetamol at one time or another, yet paracetamol overdose is the leading cause of liver...

    My ChildNovember 6, 2015
  • How to Help Kids Stop Wetting the Bed

    Nocturnal enuresis, the medical term for night-time bed-wetting, is actually more common among school-age kids than you might think. While many...

    My ChildNovember 6, 2015

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