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How To Deal With The Challenges of Same-Sex Parenting

By Nicki Marie 

When we talk about parenting, the difficulties are the same, either you are same-sex parents or not. But there is some additional issues attach with the same-sex parents, they mostly face the problems of not being appreciated in the society. Now, in the current situation, improving as same-sex families become more familiar with part of society, but the improvements are still required for same-sex families.

If anyone is running with the same-sex relationship but at the same time have children from a heterosexual relationship in past life relationships, then the insecurities are there about losing their child custody, or discrimination will be shown from the law in the favor of heterosexual parents. In case if someone had children through the process of donor insemination then there are chances of worries when your child start thinking, who actually their biological father is.

Children who open their eyes in the society of same-sex may start thinking that, how other people are discriminating them, and they might surprise that their other fellows are living with their fathers and mothers. These types of issues are the most concerning part for children and there is very important that they reassured on regular basis. Mostly parents with same-sex relationship always think that their children may have a bad impact while growing up within the domain of same-sex parents and they also think that what sort of impact their children bear in their future life.

What sort of challenges same-sex parents face? 

Same-sex parents may face horrible challenges likely to other families but at the same time, they always have concerns that, how their children will be treated by the whole society, maybe their child will be bullied because of having a very opposite life compared with the general society. You can yet buck up your child by telling the best part of your family life. You can encourage your child don’t be nervous of being bullied, because of his/father society, give them examples who are not like them even then that they become the victim of bullies. Tell them they did not do anything wrong, so anyone doesn’t have a right to treated them in this manner.

The same-sex parents mostly face the issues of “Prejudice” at a personal level or at the institutional level where having no support, understanding, services and legislations. Their children may suffer harder while in the school are in a playground by their peers just because their teachers think that are not fit within their heterosexual society. Sometimes teachers don’t blame others for their bad behavior, but to that child who is living in same-sex families, they just blame their family life at the time of any particular trouble.

How to deal with challenges and help your child? 

  1. Go for some particular books which educate you to deal with these issues that are according to the age group. So, they can read books in their leisure time.
  2. Go to the school of your child and start talking with their teachers and ask for their help to teach your child about family structures in order to educate other children.
  3. Ask help from a local support group where your child can feel he is not the only child who is running with this situation and your child make friends from a similar society he has. If you don’t find any group then make searches on the internet and start looking for people who have same problems like you have in your local area.
  4. When you have done with your all efforts to deal with the challenges you are facing having same-sex parents parenting. Then you need to encourage and support your child to deal with the all the challenges.
  5. Show love to your child, make sure to your child, you will always there for you, love you and protect you.
  6. Go for fun together, look for those activities you both can enjoy, and try your best to save time for your children.
  7. Always stay true to your child, talk with your child and always stay honest with your child. Guide him why their father or mother family is different from others families in a simplistic way. Educate your child in many ways your family is very similar to others families, tell your child all families have issues and disagreements.
  8. Give your child confidence to choose what sort of society he/she wants to choose to live. Always encourage your child to be strong when someone is teasing him or her just because of their parents are homosexual. Teach you’re all the differences among the people, and teach your child how to tackle these problems.
  9. Make familiar to your child to those books which discuss the families like their parents have. Try to find out other families like yours, your children will enable to meet with other children who are facing the same problem which your child is facing at the moment.

Author Bio

Nicki is an author, tech and parental control expert. She writes about teen safety, child protections, and social media norms. Her work on spy app for android devices got wide appreciation social media visibility. Follow her on twitter @nickimarie222 to know more about her.

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