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How To Deal With Edema When Pregnant – Tips On How To Ease The Pain

By Cara Barilla

Pregnancy can be quite difficult when it comes to your body changing. We don’t seem to understand the myths, facts and ways to control our system. Edema causes significant changes to our body and these are associated with our physical appearance and weight. Edema in pregnancy is a common part produced by added blood and fluid. Inflammation of fluid and blood is mainly experienced in the hands, wrists, face, legs, ankles, and feet. Additional retaining of fluid is required to moderate the body, which then allows expansion as your baby grows. Some people don’t feel any pain at all during mild cases, though most women do feel tightness and tense pain in many areas. Here are some natural ways to balance and control pregnancy edema.

Relax, Relax and Relax: It is crucial for your body to keep regulated at all times for your baby to develop at a healthy rate. Elevating your legs will not only keep your blood circulation moderate and reduce tension, it will also reduce stress. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite movie to moderate your body back into place. Standing up all day can trigger edema when pregnant. It’s ideal to have moments to sit and elevate your feet.

Massage Healing: This technique balances blood flow and prevents high-blood pressure. Not only will a nice massage keep you in a refreshed mood, but this is a very important way to help circulate blood. When you are in pain from edema, a soft massage can reduce swelling. It’s best to chat with your local GP or pediatrician for a referral to get a quality masseuse specialising in pregnancy massages and women with edema.

Ice packs: Whilst your feet is elevated, it’s helpful to use icepacks on your feet to reduce swelling and pain. Keep a few ice packs in your freezer and apply to your feet when necessary. This will reduce swelling, keeping your feet cool and balancing flow. When we are pregnant, our temperatures tend to rise quite a bit, therefore placing an ice pack on our feet and calves will soothe and balance the pain caused from edema.

Keep Hydrated: Whether you are pregnant or not, water is a very significant source for our bodily function. Drinking purified water not only flushes away the old toxins, it also stimulates body circulation while strengthening your system in order to ward off the pressure and pain associated with edema.

Walk: Walking assists in the stimulation of blood flow and helps reduce inflammation and pain. Try to walk at least once a day for half an hour. It will aid in the removal of bodily toxins and boost your energy levels. Moving around your body regularly eases away any pressure your body may feel.

Eat Right: Eating right does not only benefit the development of the baby, it helps prevent gestational diabetes, obesity and high-blood pressure. By eating more veggies and natural protein, you will reduce the risk of edema. It’s best to speak to your local kinesiologist, nutritionist or dietician to consult with you on your individual intolerances, allergies and blood compatibility. Edema is triggered by many different effects for each individual.

Loosen up! Wear loose clothes, cotton or breathable fabrics to take away pain while allowing frequent movement of blood and fluid. Open toe shoes and any kind of flat sandals will support your feet and prevent fluid blockages. Try not to wear any closed-in shoes during pregnancy, as it will prevent edema and the discomfort that comes with it. If you are pregnant in the winter however, closed-toe shoes are unavoidable. Your feet may not be able to fit into your usual shoes as your feet may be swollen. It would be quite painful to squeeze into them. You should invest in buying a few closed-in shoes, which are a couple of sizes larger.

Overall, when dealing with edema, it is probable that each and every individual has their own unique preferences to what is the most comfortable choice. Accepting what your body is naturally telling you is usually an indication to try and consider some alternatives. Try to read your body and do what makes you comfortable. For any uncertainties, it’s best to speak to your local pregnancy GP, pediatrician or nurse to assist with any other issue.

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