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Getting to know cricket star Sarah Elliott and her journey with Motherhood 

 Written by Jana Angeles  

Sarah Elliott has cultivated a successful career in cricket. Since the start of her cricket days, she’s was always of the mindset of “wanting to represent Victoria” and through that, her passion formed surrounding the sport of Cricket.

Sarah was just 19 when she started her career and hasn’t looked back since. Being a professional athlete has had its challenges, but Sarah hasn’t shied away and instead has come out swinging, no pun intended. She is considered one of our batting superstars and her stats are certainly are testimony to that.

Sarah has achieved some great success in her career, but what we love most about this Aussie Superstar, is the love she has for her 2 boys and her drive for not giving up her dream to be the best athlete she can be.  Though motherhood has kept her busy, Elliott still returned to the sport even after having children, mentioning that she “wasn’t quite done yet” with her career and “there was still some stuff she wanted to achieve.”

When she’s not busy running the field, Sarah is a busy mum of two just like most of us. Being a hands-on mum, she juggles all different kinds of tasks during the day through the craziness of motherhood and does this without any hesitation with the grueling schedule she has. Most of us wouldn’t be able to keep up with this pace, but Sarah seems to do this without making it look difficult as we are sure it can be.

Elliott has built a life around sport but none of that would have been possible without the support of her husband, family and the loyalty of her Cricket Australia Family. She’s able to take the kids on the road with her when she can, (that in itself would be challenging to most of us) and loves that she hasn’t had to choose between the career she loves and the job she was born to do.

She says that her career works well with her husband’s work schedule and training sessions don’t interrupt family time with her two adorable kids. Because she’s only required to train outside of business hours, she’s able to put her kids to bed by the time she works in her dream job. “It’s still a juggling act”, she explains.

Her role as a mother and a sports star requires her to balance many different things on a regular basis but Elliott’s biggest achievement she’s accomplished is “raising two happy and healthy” babies. Describing that as “extremely lucky” to have. She enjoys spending time doing the activities that her kids love and says “it’s a great way to bond with them”.  This down to earth mama is indeed an inspiration and proves that even having sport as a career doesn’t mean it’s impossible to be a mother. Through her instincts, she has maintained an image she can be proud of through the leadership and teamwork experienced in cricket and the way she’s been raising her kids.

We asked Elliott if she were to retire tomorrow what she’d do, “Sleep for a year” was her first response and which is completely understandable and she’d definitely could use some more “me time” and a chance to read more books if she could. But for now, cricket and her family are her two main priorities and she couldn’t be happier!

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