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Why It’s Important To Be A Good Role Model For Your Son!

By Oliva Arrow

Having a baby is one of life’s greatest joys, whether you’re having a boy or girl, being a strong male role model is vital in shaping who they will be. In this article, we want to explore the importance of the father-son relationship and why your role will shape your son into a wonderful man.

There are no handbooks on how to be a good role model for your son, so here we are giving you some guidance on how to build a solid and long-standing relationship with your son.

Making sure your son knows that you love him

In today’s world, nurturing your son is not only a mother’s role. Cuddling, kissing and telling your son that you love him daily lets him hear your message loud and clear.

By looking after his basic needs, bath time, playtime, reading and cooking, these are also great ways you can show your son that you love him. Helping mum with these daily tasks will also be seen as love and that will certainly make mum happy knowing she has extra help in the parenting department!

Making sure your son knows that you’re proud of him.

It isn’t just about what he does and doesn’t do – it’s about who he is. Telling your son you’re proud of him for the A+ he received is great but make sure he knows you’re proud of the person he’s become, that’s what matters.

Sons look to their fathers for approval, so make sure you tell them that you’re proud of them when they display kindness, courage, humility, generosity and any positive behaviour. Showcasing how proud you are of him will not only give him confidence but he will also thrive as an individual.

Making sure your son knows that he is important

Sons want to please their fathers, which is natural.  Your son’s interests, passions, hobbies and schoolwork are all things that he would want you to show an interest in.  It’s important for dads to be involved in these areas, especially during the time where he is growing and developing into his own person.

It can sometimes be hard to stay focused when your son is telling you about a tale from his day, but if he’s talking to you and telling you about something that’s going on in his life then it’s important to him.  Chances are if you’re pretending to listen, he knows that you’re not really paying attention.  When you’re interacting with your son, it’s important for him to know that he has your full attention and that his stories and concerns are important to you too.  This validates that his father loves him and that he is important.

Making sure your son knows that you matter to him.

We all get caught up in life’s busy schedules and demands. We can be so preoccupied with working hard and building up our bank balances to provide a financial security that when we get home, we want to have a little ‘me’ time.  As tempting as sitting back and relaxing after a hard day at works seems, you must remember that your son won’t necessarily understand this and this can result in them feeling like they don’t matter.

Making your son a priority will show him how much he matters to you. Although you may be short on time, investing time and energy in doing things together will show them that you are making them a priority.  You will have plenty of time to relax later in life but you only get one shot at making your kids feel like the most important part of your life.

The father-son relationship can be complex. Parenting is full of joys and frustrations but to help you along the marvelous adventure, let your son know that you love him, that you are proud of him, that he is important to you and that he matters. From here, you will give him a chance of becoming a well-adjusted and successful adult.

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