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It’s Another World Out There

Written by Sheree Echlin

“You’re silly mummy”. Spot on kiddo I am silly (and crazy and whatever else you feel like throwing my way). But someone has to be! I hear this on a regular basis these days and I’m about 90% sure it’s accurate. Okay so maybe it’s more like 100% but no one is really counting…are they? I feel I have to be silly because it beats going completely out of my mind. If you can’t beat them, you may as well join them, right?! Yep you guessed it, I’m being driven completely crazy by the little munchkins in my life. But then again, what else is new?

But before I get any further can I just say, oh my gosh, the attitude!! Anyone else out there with a four-year-old will likely be singing this same tune. Seriously what the hell? I may as well just bow down to her! By her I mean, Miss I’m the boss at four years old, I know everything and you know nothing Mummy. The foot stomping, arm crossing, eye rolling and huffing and puffing are just next level, I’m about ready to blow a gasket! My lovely parents once again like to remind me of a certain little person they once dealt with many moons ago. I don’t know what they’re talking about, surely it’s my older brother (hahahaha)??

It is true that some things are better left unsaid. But when it comes to children everything comes tumbling out. When things escalate, I really have to ask myself: why am I arguing with you? I’m the adult and she’s the child but sometimes I feel like I’m locking horns with a bull and I know I’m going to come off second best! But there’s still that part of me that wants to win and beat the little devil, um I mean darling. Yes, a bit childish I know but you have to make the most of the small victories, they come along so infrequently in the world of parenting. In the end, I know it’s not really about winning or losing but trying to find middle ground to keep everyone happy. But why does it feel so damn hard?!!

Her younger sister is still very much a strong willed little lady too. Spirited is another word I’d use. Some might say that my beautiful girls take after their Mummy. Is this where I snort and try not to laugh?! Sure, I’ve never been one that’s backwards in coming forwards, it’s a useful skill to inherit, right?! I mean what’s the worst that could happen? I like to remind my girls they are stuck with me whether they like it or not. Haha!  

Before you have kids, you imagine mini versions of yourself running around and think that it will be amazing. Until it actually does happen and then you want to slap your pre-children self right back down to Earth. It is nothing like you thought it would be. Okay so some of it is. Yes, there are good days when they act like perfect little angels (yeah so these days might be a bit on the rare side) but then the harsh reality hits you and there can be catastrophic days, these are more so when you’re really feeling down.  

It seems there really are some days where being feral is what they do best, well pretty much all they do and I reach that point where I could quietly disown them (of course I’m kidding or am I? haha!). But when the tears flow, usually a mix of mine and theirs, it’s apologies all round. This of course lasts about five minutes until the next round kicks off. Of course, I am sorry I yell. I am sorry I get angry and upset but wow you girls have the tendency to drive Mummy up that proverbial wall.

But if I can offer any advice to the mummas out there (and daddy’s too of course), there’s always likely something worse happening to someone else, even though in that exact moment it probably feels like there isn’t! Try to make the most of it but always laugh, even if it’s after you have finished crying. You can follow more of my never-ending “fun” at Until next time enjoy the ride…. 

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