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How To Make Your Baby’s First Christmas Special

Hooray! It’s your baby’s first Christmas this year and it seems like you’re stuck on ideas to make it a special one for them. Although they won’t remember it at all once they grow up, the thought of making their first Christmas a special one counts as something, and you’ll cherish it for a long time.

Despite getting awesome gifts for Christmas, spending time with family and friends is what makes the occasion so momentous and beautiful. So how can we make our baby’s first Christmas something to remember? What can we do as parents to make it a memorable one for ourselves?

Design a personalised ornament for your little one

Having a personalised ornament for your baby will be a special decoration you could hang up for years to come on your Christmas tree. There are plenty of ideas out there, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the cliché, bauble with their name on it. It could be a small frame that has a photo of the family in it being used as a Christmas decoration. Maybe a handprint of your child’s hands on the bauble too as a keepsake of how small they were as a baby. Get creative and don’t hold back if you have a zany idea you would like to try out!

Start your own family tradition

Did you miss out as a kid and went without a family tradition each Christmas? Well, now’s your chance as starting your own for your family to get involved. As your baby grows older, they’ll begin to learn the importance of togetherness in family and to appreciate the sentiment that comes with doing this tradition each year. It could be as simple as making homemade cookies for “Santa”, seeing the fireworks, taking silly pictures and curating your own photo album or getting a real tree for Christmas. The options are endless when it comes to family traditions. Make sure it’s something fun for everyone to enjoy!

Decorate your child’s nursery to celebrate Christmas!

Being festive doesn’t feel right if your house isn’t decorated with Christmas stuff! Get into the spirit of Christmas by putting up cool decors for your bub to enjoy. It can range from just putting colourful tinsel around the walls or a mini tree placed in the room. You could also get some Christmas soft toys to decorate too.

Make a DIY Christmas stocking

If you have talent working around a sewing machine, you could make your bub their very own personalised Christmas stocking. Decorate it with fabric paint or if you’re into knitting, you can knit a Christmas stocking too. If making things from scratch isn’t your thing, you can check out plenty of DIY kits for stockings available online (eBay and other online stores).

Create a Christmas time capsule

Accumulate all memorable items of your baby’s first Christmas into one box. Keep adding more items each Christmas until it’s filled up with the most precious items you’ve seen your child play with or has worn during the special occasion. You can also add some happy snaps too if there’s space. When your child is a lot older, you can take out the time capsule and reminisce on the items, sharing heartwarming memories to your child; it’ll be a box they can look forward to opening for years to come.

Make a personalised message for Santa

With the internet being a cool place to do stuff, you can now create your very own personalised message for Santa. There is a website called and it allows you to either have a personalised live chat with Santa himself or have a personalised video just for your child. With the video, you’ll be able to keep a copy of it too so each Christmas you can play it to your child, creating hype and excitement for that time of the year.

There are so many ways to make your child’s first Christmas a special one but the most important thing is to allow your child to understand the meaning of the occasion first. Remember to teach them the gift of giving and to share kindness and gratitude for their loved ones this year. Now that’s something worth treasuring for years to come.

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