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Making Mother’s Day Special

By Jana Angeles

What would life be like without our amazing mothers? The world would definitely be a darker place without them. So you want to thank your mother in a special way this year but you’re not sure how on Mother’s Day. Even with the amount of luxurious gifts you’d like to give her, it’s sometimes not enough to indicate how much you truly care. Giving gifts doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it have to be a competition with your other siblings. The important thing is you’re able to successfully make her feel special without trying too hard. So how can you treat your mother like a queen this Mother’s Day?

 Put Together A Gift Basket

Is your mum a foodie? Someone that loves her wine and cheese a little too much? Then putting together a gift basket would be an excellent way to show her how special she is on Mother’s Day. Not only is it thoughtful, you won’t have to break the bank as much when you know exactly what to put in it. She’ll appreciate the gift so much because of how thoughtful and generous it is! You can also have fun putting it together if you know she has several interests and you’re indecisive on just getting one gift.

Get A Personalised Mother’s Day Card

There’s nothing more beautiful than writing your own message in a card that she’ll treasure forever. You can get creative and add a photo of you and your mother together. Get crafty and ditch buying the overpriced Hallmark cards and make your own version your mum will love. Anything handmade is always worthwhile keeping.

Throw A Party At Your House Or Her Favourite Restaurant

If your mum is the outgoing type, she will love this. Having a surprise party at your house or her favourite restaurant would be a great way to get her family and friends together, celebrating the wonders of motherhood. She’ll also have the opportunity to reconnect with people she’s lost touch with while also having a memory she can cherish forever.

Take Her To A Day Spa or Spend The Weekend Away

If your mother has been stressed with work or anything life-related, taking her to a day spa or spending a weekend away would do wonders to her health, physically and mentally. There’s nothing more relaxing than to pamper yourself with a facial or an hour massage. If she needs an escape, taking her somewhere near the beach can immediately calm her down from life’s worries. Spending more time with your mother and creating fond memories will show how much you love and care for her too.

Gift Her A Family Portrait

The perks of having brothers and sisters is being able to pull together a cheesy family photo. One of the most common (and in our opinion, the best gift to give your mum) is a before and after photo. Take your favourite childhood photo with your brothers and sisters and do the exact same pose of it now (assuming that you’re all grown adults) and put these together in a collage and frame it. This is a beautiful gift to give to your mother because she will remember all the years she has raised you and your siblings. She will also feel proud knowing she has such wonderful children.

Gift Her Specialised Jewelry

Jewelry is expensive but that doesn’t mean it can’t be personal even if you spend bucketloads of money. Simply getting a necklace or bracelet with your mother’s name engraved in beautiful handwriting can be an elegant piece she can keep for years to come. Get her something she can wear no matter how casual or formal her outfit may be. She will feel special because of how thoughtful the gift is, it will also make her feel beautiful inside and out!

Mother’s Day only happens once a year so no matter what you do or what you give to her, make sure it’s in her best interest. Even if your gift isn’t as extravagant as last year, that won’t matter to her. As long as you have a loving and respectful relationship with each other, the bond between you and her will last forever.

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