BabyBjorn Giveaway!


From the name we know and trust, BabyBjorn, is giving away their Baby Carrier One in cotton and Bouncer Balance Soft in cotton. The carrier allows for all round comfort and peace of mind to the safety of your little one. With four front and back carry options, and a waist belt that provide ergonomic […]

What are Boobie Bikkies?

Pinky McKay[1]

  Pinky the creator of Boobie Bikkies tells us what they are. Why Pinky? – I was actually christened Patricia but got ‘Pinky’ as a nickname when I was a baby. It ‘stuck’ and the year I started school there were five Patricias in my class so I had to be Pinky. Years later, I […]

Lice Advice

o-KID-LICE-CHECK-facebook copy

Don’t panic anyone can get head lice, but they are most common in children aged between four and 11. Jessica Riley has a look at various methods of treatment. Head lice can be found in all types and lengths of hair – having head lice is not a sign that your hair is dirty. They […]

Barbie Takes Flight As The World’s Newest Superhero!


For the first time in the brand’s 56-year history, Barbie™ is pulling out a cape and mask and transforming into a modern day superhero. Understanding that girls are looking for a different resolution than boys from ‘superhero play’, Mattel has put Barbie™ in a role that inspires girls to be super themselves. “The world of […]

Win 1 of 6 Tiny Twig prizes!

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Making the right choice for your child’s clothing is vital to the child as well as the environment. By promoting the use of organic cotton clothing, Tiny Twig can achieve the twin goals of a healthier environment and carcinogen free clothes for babies. Adding to the goodness, Tiny Twig only partners with factories that pay […]

The Nappy Collectors

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Meet these amazing women who help mothers in need with a simple necessity Jessica Buxton, Lauren Blecher, Lisa Simon, Moran Dvir and Sandra Jacobs from The Nappy Collective As the nurse handed Emma her newborn, she saw the rope like bruises on her wrists, her eyes met Emma’s with a sad knowing smile. Feeling vnerable, […]

Win 1 of 2 Olliandlime Toddlers Sets!


Olliandlime are giving you the chance to win new linen for your toddler’s cot-sized bed! Made from 100% cotton percale and twill, printed with water based inks, and free from toxic substances, these sheets and pillowcase won’t harm your little one. With two fantastic designs to choose from, blue hatch or gray nest, you can […]

Win 1 of 7 GroHush each worth $59.95

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The Gro-hush is a unique portable white noise baby calmer that will soothe and send your baby off to sleep when they are feeling irritable. It’s great for when you are out and about or traveling, as it is small and handheld! Transmitting white noise to your little one comforts them as it mimics the […]

Win 1 of 4 Babybeanbags worth $79.99

Baby Toddler 1

Who doesn’t love the comfort of a beanbag? Now you can pass that luxury to your baby with the Babybeanbags giveaway! With two seat covers that grow with your child, your baby can be harnessed in to prevent any rolling off, and your toddler will have a seat of their very own. Because of the […]

Life on canvas

sandro small

Commissioned portraits in oil on canvas. Photographs are a good memory to keep for years, but a hand painted portrait feels somehow different. A painting is filled with life emotions. They depict the moment and at the same time it feels alive and changing. It captures your attention for longer so you can explore its […]

School Anxiety

Daughter Clinging To Working Mother's Leg

What your children really need to take with them to school By Shona Innes – Clinical and Forensic Psychologist While you sit back on a hot summer’s afternoon watching the tennis or cricket, there are likely going to be boundless numbers of commercials reminding you about back to school stationery, “proper fitting” shoes, and lunch […]

How to choose shoes

Feet on a beach

School shoe shopping is always hard for little feet podiatrist Tim Branson sheds some light on how to choose the best shoes. With 70% of your brain’s information for movement coming from nerves on the soles of your feet, leading podiatrist Tim Bransdon recommends that children wear light, flexible shoes that emulate the natural movement […]

Getting ready to go back to school


How to make getting back to school easier! Madeline Mitchell from HI IQ has some simple pointers to help prepare your child in returning to school with a head start!Returning to school can be a challenging task for both children and parents. January is hot. Holidays are fresh. The excitement of Christmas still lingers in […]

Eco Weaning


My Child columnist and environmental engineer Laura Trotta tell us about her different approaches to weaning the Eco-friendly Way You only need to venture down the baby aisle in your local supermarket to see the huge variety of first foods on offer. From rice cereal to rusks, purees and casseroles, it’s easy to see how […]

When is it too soon for school?

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When is it too soon for school? Jesper Juul, author of “Raising Competent Children” and head of FamilyLab international counsels Samantha about her five year old son. She wants to find out if it was alright for Jimmy to start school at five. Jimmy started school when he was five. His parents, his child carers […]