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The Mummy Blogger: Fleeting Moments

By Sheree Echlin

“One, two. If mummy gets to five, there will be trouble. Three. I mean it, you don’t want to find out. Four. Only one more number to go, quick move it. Five!” And most times they scramble quicker than the syllables of the word bounce off your tongue. I love using empty threats and promises to my advantage some days and then other days it’s a whole other story. I’ve only got a three-year-old to mostly deal with so far, her one-year-old sister barely knows where her own face is, let alone why mummy is yelling numbers and pointing at random objects.

I’m still trying to work out where the last three years have gone. Where did my ‘big’ baby girl go? She’s growing up way too fast. I know one day she won’t want mummy anymore. Well she already tells me to “go away Mummy” so I’m sure there is still plenty more ahead of me yet! My mum’s words, as always, keep coming back to haunt me “it all goes way too fast”. She is so right (you are always right mum!). Blink and six months go by in an instant. Between wiping noses, bottoms, being a taxi service, personal waiter and all round Jack of all trades, time really does fly, especially if you spend at least half the day counting to five!

But it’s funny when you are having a crap day, the clock seems to slow down. It’s like the universe is saying ‘bad luck, children are all part of the fun, you signed up for it, so suck it up’. And as you watch the clock tick by waiting for your horrible day to end, a little pair of arms wrap around you while whispering “you are my bestest mummy” and it changes everything….well for maybe five seconds anyway.

And that’s not all, far from it. The attitude has worsened too I swear we gained an instant teenager overnight. Her ears are definitely painted on, because they certainly don’t seem to be working otherwise. If they are, most things seem to go in one side and out the other, unless it’s a word that really shouldn’t be repeated. Add to the mix a bit of arm folding, pursed lips and good old foot stomping, it’s like a little dictator has taken over where a sweet “innocent” little girl used to be.

But as always it’s not all bad. There is still the occasional awwwwww moment. As well as being the “bestest mummy”, apparently I’m pretty awesome if I open chocolate/lollies/chips, any junk food really. And if chocolate or strawberry milk is in sight, Miss Izzie suddenly becomes the best child on the planet. Seriously never come between kids and food (mostly junk food) if you can help it, it’s better for your sanity to keep them on side where possible, haha!

Cheeky doesn’t even begin to describe the terror that is unearthing in the toddler that now runs the house. Much like her sister before her, she rules the roost and the house belongs to her, well as long as her sister is out of action of course. And don’t get me started on what they get up to as a team! Lots of giggles, cupboard banging and toys strewn across the floor, or should I say multiple floor areas, and you have a typical day between two mischievous sisters! I love watching them playing nicely together. It’s a shame it doesn’t last all day. But the bond they have is growing day by day and I can only hope it’s one they will share for life.

For now, riding the roller coaster of motherhood sure keeps me on my toes. From one minute to the next I can be dealing with tantrums, broken toys, banged heads and repetitive movie choices (think Frozen over and over and over and over…). It can be tough, rewarding, bewildering and enlightening all at the same time. But if I’ve got plenty of chocolate in the fridge I know I can survive the day, haha!

Day by day, it’s always madness and mayhem in some shape or form in our house. It certainly keeps life interesting. Head over to to share in all the fun.

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