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The Mummy Blogger: Fun and Games

By Sheree Echlin

“Was that water, wee or dribble I just stepped in?!” It’s a regular thought in my house these days with my youngest dribbling absolutely everywhere or deciding her drinks are better all over the floor and my eldest FINALLY warming to the idea of toilet training. It is still very much hit and miss but yay to making progress!

It’s funny the things you chalk up as wins once you become a parent. Five years ago I would be super stoked with finishing a story before deadline or getting housework done to free up the weekend (oh those were the carefree days). Now I pretty much high five myself for actually cleaning any part of the house and I cheer my girls on for eating good food, well any food really…..grapes or toast are okay for dinner right?! Don’t even get me started on the cheering we go through for certain body noises and we are talking about little girls, haha! Yep, I often wonder what the hell has happened to me but I know it’s all part and parcel of parenting!

I never thought I would get excited about toilet training. But having one less child to change nappies on is kind of a small relief in the whole scheme of things. And being proud of my beautiful big girl and her achievements is just awesome! It feels like it has taken an eternity to get to this point and there is still a long way to go. A little bit of bribery with stickers and chocolate won’t hurt in the long run right?!

Some days I think what I wouldn’t give to be three years old again. Not a worry in the world with everything accessible and handed to you. I’m not so keen on all the growing up though. But there are days when I watch Miss Izzie going a mile a minute and know her growing brain is ticking over at a super fast rate trying to take everything in. It’s only when I sit back and take stock (a very rare time but it does happen) that I realise her tantrums, outbursts and ranting are just her way of trying to communicate in the way she knows. It’s a pity at the time it has to be annoying, infuriating or any other emotion that hits me as my reaction.

But nothing is ever simple when it comes to kids. If it was, we parents would look a little less frazzled and probably have a better grip on what we’re doing. But that’s half the fun isn’t it? Walking around pretending we know how to win the parenting game when in reality we’re all winging it. If you say or think otherwise, you’re kidding yourself!

But my girls are always full of surprises and love keeping me on my toes. From Miss Phoebe trying to dive head first off the lounge to her older sister using the bed as a leaping launch pad to the floor, I’m just waiting for a potential broken bone! And that’s just the indoor “fun”, outside presents a whole new stage of excitement to eager little-exploring minds. Scraped knees and hands are only the beginning and all I can say is thank you pretty band-aids for saving me from full blown melt downs. If only they fixed everything!

Independence is definitely a strong factor in my house right now. A very bossy three-year-old teaming up with her frustrated and determined one-year-old sister and they feel like they can take on the world (also known as mummy). Sometimes it’s funny and other times I can still feel the imprint of the wall I’ve been bashing my head on through my own frustration. It will get easier one day, right? Don’t worry I know the best, or is that the worst, is still to come.

Sitting back and watching their personalities develop, I often wonder what they will do with their lives when they grow up. I knew from a youngish age I wanted to write, but it’s definitely not for everyone. What I do know is there is no stopping my girls (well right now anyway) and it wouldn’t surprise me if they tackle whatever they choose to do, head on and full of determination. Good luck to whoever tries to hold them back, you are up for one fun battle!

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