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The Mummy Blogger: One Day At A Time

By Sheree Echlin

Mummas, how often do you take time to do something for yourself? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Or is the real answer rarely or in fact never?! We spend so much time focused on the little people in our lives we often forget about ourselves. Am I right?! I can’t remember the last time I was able to shower in peace or even just a moment of silence to duck into the toilet unnoticed. It’s like the kids can sense you have disappeared and seek you out to wreak havoc once to make sure you know you’re alive.

I love my girls and I often say I wouldn’t change a thing. But even I know that’s probably a little bit of a lie. It’s the little things in life that can make a big difference. My two beautiful girls are by far the best things I have done in my life. They can drive me crazy at the drop of a hat but mind you, it’s all part of the fun isn’t it?! I’m nodding in agreement but it’s purely a reflex action, haha!

In all seriousness, I know I am very lucky to have my babies. They may be the reason I like a glass or two of wine and more chocolate than I really need, but they do give amazing cuddles, kisses and heart-melting smiles. I often have to remind myself of those moments when I’m packing up toys (again and again and again) or cleaning up who knows what off the floor. They are the reason I am mummy and I wouldn’t change that for anything… well except maybe a trip to the toilet in silence every now and then, haha!

But isn’t it funny when they aren’t around how much you miss them?! Maybe not every second but the silence can be deafening. The screams, laughter and arguing can sometimes create an odd sense of comfort when you get used to it, along with driving you up the wall of course! But I know all of it, the good, bad and the chaotic will fly by in the blink of an eye. It won’t be long before arguments over toys will become battles over hair straighteners and make up. I think I will need all the help in the world then. Chocolate and even wine may not be enough to save me!

Speaking of treats, isn’t it funny how kids don’t miss a thing when they know they have been promised something? There is no pulling the wool over the eyes of my girls, especially Miss Izzie. Two days can go by and they won’t remember the millionth time you asked for the toys to be put away, but they remind you a debt you owe, especially if that reward involves some kind of chocolatey treat! There is no denying, they are my girls after all!

I guess another sign they are following in my footsteps would be their sheer strength and determination, or in simple terms, attitude. And oh my there is plenty of that. One likes to purse her lips, stomp her feet and tell me I’m the naughty one. While the other is doing her best to upset her big sister and give me cheeky smiles as she runs away, usually during a nappy change. I thought Miss Izzie might be the devil in disguise but I’m starting to think her little sister may have taken over the role.

Together they can be super cute, full of love and smiles for each other and notably adorable. It almost sounds like a scene from a cute kids movie. It does happen for about half an hour and then it’s like the wind changes and I gain two little ratbags in their place. But even on the worst of days, we still manage to share a laugh together, usually at the expense of someone (mostly me) of course.

I do often wonder what my girls could possibly have in store for me next. They are growing up faster than I can keep up some days. But I love how they are full of curiosity and tackle every challenge (willingly) with wide-eyed wonder and full-blown determination. I can only hope that is something they hold on to, no matter what the world throws their way.

Life is always an adventure for my girls and I. Jump on to to share in more of our fun

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