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The Mummy Blogger: Small Minds in a Big World

Written by: Sheree Echlin

A look of wonder and amazement crosses her face as the bubbles float towards her. The magic lasts a split second before my energetic toddler starts yelling “pop, pop, pop…. more bubbles mummy” all while giggling hysterically. It’s a moment I’ve now etched into my memory bank, watching my beautiful little girl enjoying a carefree moment, a sight that is almost too rare these days. Never underestimate the power of bubbles. Especially when it comes to children.

Mind you I do have a bit of fun myself. It’s easy to see how the little humans in our lives view everything in the simplest of ways. The bigger picture means nothing to them just yet. As I watch her run rampant after bubbles her focus changes quickly when she spots the moon (attention span of a goldfish!). Without hesitation she says “look it’s the moon mummy…. but we need a space rocket to get there”. Dumbfounded by my toddler’s moment of brilliance (and somehow remembering our previous chat about the moon) I could only manage a nod in reply. As always she laughs at me before running off, apparently I’m always “funny mummy”.

We have days where everything is “too hard mummy” but this kid remembers me telling her about the best way to travel to the moon. It’s in this moment that I almost want to be a kid again. I don’t want to relive the fun of growing up again or the hell of being a teenager but just the carefree life of not having to worry about anything. To know that your clothes will be washed, your food presented (I feel like a waiter most days) or to know that each day involves playing and reading, who wouldn’t want that??!

Honestly who has never had a day where they have thought “I don’t want to mum today. I’m thinking it might be a bit hard”. Geez I think I am starting to sound like my toddler! But I do have days where I think it would be easier to pull the doona over my head and stay in bed. Although it would probably only take a split second for the kids to find me or even my husband for that matter. There’s no such thing as even a trip to the toilet in peace these days (thank you door locks!).

Our kids really are like sponges, taking in every detail…. usually not always what you want them to mind you…. but they see the world in a different light. I can say the same thing ten times over, think “no, don’t touch that” or “please pick up the toys you just threw” but that doesn’t sink in. No, but the minute I go to treat myself and open a chocolate wrapper (okay so maybe more than one), and I have a best friend instantly asking “can I have some too mummy?” with an added head tilt or even eyelash flutter. Honestly where did my innocent baby go?! Or more like how many of my bad habits has she witnessed without me realising?!

It’s knowing that I’m responsible for two little people that sometimes I have to take a step back and realise what motherhood is about. It’s more than just sneaky wine and chocolate and driving mummy crazy. It’s just one chapter in a very huge book. It’s more than you’ll ever be fully prepared for and one job there is no manual for……ever! You can’t skip the bad, too hard crazy moments and just soak up the good…. although wouldn’t that be amazing?!

Kids really are creatures of habit too. We have the same little ritual every night at bedtime and don’t I get told if I miss a step! I’m always amazed at their capacity to learn but it’s funny how their willingness doesn’t always engulf them when it’s all too hard. But choose your battles, especially when it comes to the stubbornness of a toddler or so I’ve found! There have been quite a few moments lately where my trying toddler has pushed me to the brink of insanity and sent me almost bald from tearing my hair out thanks to her lovely attitude, but things could always be worse right?!

I know one day too soon it’ll all change again and it already makes me a little sad at the thought of my babies growing up (not really sure I ever want hormonal teenagers, but no doubt they will give me plenty to write about). Knowing that everything they learn is mostly because of me is a bit scary but I can only hope they take some good with the bad. And as hard as some days are (haha!), I think as parents it’s best to remember that you will always love your children but you don’t always have to like them.

Drop by my website for a few more tales of life as a “funny mummy”.

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