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The Mummy Blogger: Words can bite

Written by: Sheree Echlin

“You stinky mummy”. Well that’s what my lovely toddler has told me a few times recently. I’ve proceeded to sniff under my arms and reply with “no I don’t”. But of course she has to wrinkle up her nose in disgust and repeat her statement again.  Either that or she walks around sniffing the air and asking what smells. Feeling a little self conscious and retreating back to my teenage years, I tuck my arms closer to my sides, knowing full well I don’t smell but hey if a toddler speaks, it must be the truth right?!

It’s amazing how easily the little people in our lives can transport us back to reality with a thud, just by throwing a few words out there. Out of the mouths of babes rings very true in our lives at the moment and can both instill laughter (muffled at times of course!) or never ending frustration.

Isn’t it funny how you can say the same sentence ten times over and not one word sinks in but the second you accidentally let slip a naughty little word and it suddenly becomes their most favourite word ever?! Or if I dare suggest turning the television off our little lady snaps straight to attention like a band aid has been ripped off! Cue toddler meltdown and lots of gibberish follows.

But if I have learnt anything in a very short time, it really does pay to gloss over the small stuff. Don’t make a big deal and life goes on as normal. But if you make a big deal out of something watch out, it can come back to haunt you. Surprisingly toddlers actually do remember things, but usually when it suits them of course.

As our ‘trying’ toddler grasps even more words in the English language, life has certainly changed. Rather than spend half the day talking to myself, I get to have a conversation with someone. It can be sweet or funny, confusing or even confronting but other times I’m still in awe of how much our little humans are really capable of.

We moved on from being stinky (although this has popped up again) to being told to “take a breath mummy”. I almost did a double take when Miss Izzie said this to me, as I often hear it from my husband instead!

He of course thinks it’s hilarious every time she says it now. While I cop it on the chin feeling like I’m in trouble (what else is new?!).

“No! Stop! I can’t!”. I hear these words a lot as I’m sure many parents do. My own fault really as from very early on they were flying out of my mouth to prevent Miss Izzie from getting into any mischief! Well it worked for five seconds and of course the tables have turned. I especially love the hand in my face with the other on her hip, the turn of a head and all accompanied by “stop mummy”. Yep a lot of the time I have to muffle my laughter and put on a straight face, not always an easy feat with a cheeky toddler grinning and watching for my reaction.

But I must admit one I do love hearing is “don’t worry mummy” especially if it’s followed by a cheeky toddler giggle. Or by far my favourite words are still “I love you too”, especially when it’s accompanied by an unsuspecting cuddle. Never underestimate the power of a hug from your own kids, it says so much more than you could ever imagine (yeah I know I’m getting soppy now).

It’s not all bad in the world of parenting. We have had some profound moments that make my heart swell with pride but I laugh a little bit on the inside as well. We were playing outside when Miss Izzie suddenly spotted the moon. I swear she has super powers when it comes to her eyesight!

After pointing it out she then asks me “can I touch it mummy?!” I had to keep a straight face and explain it was too far away and you needed a rocket ship to get there. I’m glad that was enough of an explanation for her as she kept playing after that. Science really wasn’t my strong point back in high school!

As I often do when I write about my toddler encounters, I think of my own beautiful mum and what she would have done in the same or similar situation. Right now she’s probably laughing and thinking karma! And to think this is all really just the beginning….

Jump online and check out more of the fun at and enjoy a giggle or two at my expense…. I’m used to it!

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