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Natural Skin Products for Babies

With so many different baby care products on the market, it can be both overwhelming and confusing to know what brand to choose when you become a new mother. Equally important, you may be curious what type of product may be best for your baby’s skin. Many parents want to choose products that that will suit their baby’s skin – offering effective solutions to baby skin dryness and be gentle and mild as to not irritate your baby’s precious soft skin, but where to start?

It is important to understand that babies do not require much in the way of products during the early weeks. Some experts recommend water only initially, perhaps with a bath every few days with a gentle, mild solution which is perfume free and has been specifically formulated for babies. It may also be worth avoiding food-derived ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil and dairy-based skincare which can lead to sensitisation over time*. The more complex the ingredient list reads, the more likely it will be that your baby may have an allergic reaction to one or more of the ingredients. Simple formulas are no doubt ideal for young babies and in fact for anyone who suffers from skin sensitivities.

Natural remedies can play a vital role in baby care and often provide gentle yet effective relief from minor ailments – even enhancing many experiences associated with the care of a new baby.  When it comes to making a choice, why not choose Australia’s most trusted name in natural mother and baby care.   As pure as Mother Nature intended, Aromababy® is proud to be the original, natural and organic brand for mother and child.

Formulated and manufactured entirely in Australia, this mild and gentle collection has proven itself over more than twenty years. The philosophy behind the creation of Aromababy® is one that demonstrates an on-going commitment to research and subsequent development of innovative, high quality, all-natural personal care products specifically for mother and child, with a strong focus on the use of organic ingredients.

Aromababy® was created by Melbourne Mum Catherine Cervasio in 1994.  Born of a desire to provide natural and organic baby skin care for her own firstborn over two decades ago, Catherine developed Aromababy® which would go on to set the standard for many baby products world-wide and most importantly, natural, organic-rich baby skin care

Catherine holds a Diploma in Aromatherapy, is a trained Infant Massage Instructor and runs educational workshops in several countries – with the aim of empowering both health professionals and parents, about the benefits of natural ingredients and the power of ‘touch’, as well as equipping them with information to make more informed choices around skincare and beauty products.

Catherine explaines “Have you ever picked up a baby product and seen the word ‘organic’ prominently on the front label? Do you turn the product over and read the ingredients only to find the organic ingredients are limited to only the essential oils or herbal extracts? Did you know essential oil content in baby care is less than half of one percent of the overall formulation? That means, 99.5% of the product you THINK is organic, may not be organic at all. I am passionate about educating parents so they can make educated choices around personal care purchasing, especially when it comes to clearing up confusion over true ‘natural’ or organic products for babies”

Each Aromababy® product has been carefully designed to cleanse, moisturise, protect and pamper.  All Aromababy® products are based on concentrated formulations which offer excellent value for money and utilise natural, pesticide free and certified organic ingredients. The absence of added colour (natural or otherwise), artificial fragrance, petrochemicals (mineral oil, liquid paraffin – still used as the base of some paw paw ointments and found in other baby care products), propylene glycol, animal-derived ingredients (lanolin, tallow, dairy and goats milk), parabens, silicones (dimethicone and others) talc, peanut oil, alcohol (ethanol) sulphates (which cause bubbles that can lead to dryness), synthetically derived or modified vitamins (tocopherol acetate) and more, may be just what you need for the newest member to your family.

There is no need to be confused by the increasing choice of natural and organic baby skincare brands. Choose Aromababy® – absolute peace of mind for you and the gentlest of care for your baby.


*The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, published 2014

Catherine Cervasio, Founder, Aromababy.


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