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The New Oricom Aroma Diffuser Night Light Product Review 

Written by Olivia Arrow  

Diffusers are fast becoming the must have item for all households.  These handy, easy to use little devices have been known to help improve one’s health, increase energy and most importantly, assist with better sleep. As a parent, the only thing we like better than a healthy, energetic baby, is a baby that has a great night sleep!  Oricom have released a new edition to their Baby Care Range, the AD100 Aroma Diffuser Night Light and it’s exactly what sleep deprived parents never knew they needed.    

The Oricom AD100 Aroma Diffuser Night Light is every parent’s answer to creating a soothing and tranquil environment for your little one.  You simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oils (Lavender, Sandalwood and Roman Chamomile are great for sleep; Tea Tree, Eucalyptus or Peppermint are great for congestion) to the diffuser, select your soft night light colour of choice, and your harmonious oasis awaits. 

There are so many features contained in this miracle device, it is increasingly difficult to choose a favourite. The range of features have been well thought out and cover everything that a parent could want for their child.  Here are the key features that you should know about: 

  • The AD100 Aroma Diffuser Night Light is unique and has been designed using modern ultrasonic technology (means that it creates a cool mist without a heat source) and includes 3 adjustable mist levels.   
  • You can choose from 7 soft night light colours, or simply set to the light to cycle through the range of colours automatically, or you can choose to not use the light at all.  
  • We love that you can control mist and lamp independently, so there is no need to use the mist when you just need the night light or vice versa.  
  • The device has a generous 400ml capacity, and has an auto switch off function when the water is low. 

The AD100 Aroma Diffuser Night Light has been beautifully designed and is shaped like a large egg. Because of its stylish and simplistic look, it can easily be included in any nursery décor.  Creating a soothing sleep environment for your child doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. With the new Oricom AD100 Aroma Diffuser Night Light, you’ll be able to turn your child’s nursery into a tranquil oasis that encourages sleep in under two minutes. 

Hear what our My Child Magazine mums had to say about the AD100 Aroma Diffuser Night Light: 

“I love how easy this was to set up.  You simply unpack, connect the cord, lift the lid and add water and essential oil and you’re ready to go.  The 3 buttons (on/off, mist, light) on the front of the diffuser make it easy enough for even my husband to use without asking for my help. We use the soft red/orange light, which seems to keep bub nice and calm at bedtime and we are getting a good 6-8hrs between feeds” 

 “This device is not only beautiful when turned on, but it looks gorgeous in bub’s room on the shelf too.  I’ve been using peppermint oil as my baby is a bit congested with the weather changes, and it’s really helping in clearing him up.  I’m loving that it doesn’t heat up and cause moisture on the walls in the nursery and can’t wait to use this throughout the winter time for that reason.  We are using the green night light, and this seems to be doing the trick in keeping our baby boy asleep” 

“As a big fan of the night light, I was immediately impressed with how beautiful this device is.  Now I admit, I am not a diffuser user, so it was a bit foreign to start off with.  I picked up some lavender oil to use and once I set it up (takes less than 2 mins) I filled the diffuser with water, added the oil drops and simply turned it on.  WOW is all I can say.  My darling daughters room is divine. I switch on the diffuser about 15 mins before bedtime and close her door.  When we enter the room, it has a beautiful aroma and the purple night light makes her room feel peaceful and restful.  I loved her nursery before but now I want to curl up and sleep in her room myself” 

At just $79.95, the Oricom AD100 Aroma Diffuser Night Light is a must-have for all parents that want to implement a good sleep routine from a young age. Its stylish appearance combined with the ability to change different essential oils depending on use, Oricom ensure you’ll have this little gem in use for years to come.  

For more information, please visit: to search your closest retailer. 

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