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Written by Miriam Rutherford 

Sweet sleep for newborn and beyond equals a peace of mind for mother and beyond.

Getting to know and nurture your precious newborn is so much more enjoyable and easier when you are reasonably informed between fashion and fact.

Most of us are just ‘wing it‘ whilst wishing we had known more before baby arrived. Some of the most helpful newborn basics include information on feeding, sleeping and preventable injuries and even fatalities.

Safety concerns and the need to prevent  injuries or fatalities range from :

  • Preventable suffocations
  • Prevent falls from cot/cribs
  • Preventing current worldwide concerns regarding clicky hips
  • Ensuring comfortable, safe, elevated positioning for babies who suffer from reflux, GORD/GERD and/or colic
  • Prevention of a flat, deformed head as most parents are now aware that ‘The younger the baby, the softer the head’.

One trusted, proven combo of practical aids, that have stood the test of time, are the Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® and the little MULTIwedge.

Since its invention in 1992, hundreds of thousands of babies around the globe, have slept safely with the Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® child protective swaddling band. A 100% validated safety success record.

The Sleepwrap® is the world’s only independently, hospital clinically proven, versatile and flexible swaddling wrap. It allows all natural movement and simply goes over whatever sleepwear baby is wearing.

The Sleepwrap® helps maintain safer sleep positions for all stages of development by preventing a newborn rolling or creeping into potentially dangerous, or simply cold positions, and gives extra time to attend to a baby in the climbing and falling stage.

The little MULTIwedge is used with the Sleepwrap® to help alternate baby’s head at each sleep when back sleeping.

Statistics show that in ‘developed’ countries nearly one in five 0-2 year olds, which are admitted to hospital from falls, are from cot and bed falls. A bed guard may be helpful but also may not prevent a fall.

Next to loving parenting, these products reduce all of the above concerns, give comfort to newborns up to 24 months and give extra peace of mind to deserving parents and caregivers.

Knowing if the product your using has had any professional testing/trialling will help you in making the best decision in keeping you little one safe. Visit for more information.

Please see reviews and testimonials from our parents and medical professionals by visiting  

For those parents suffering with their reflux babies…. check out the amazing testimonials from trusted, experienced Australian baby consultants/authors, visit:  

The Sleepwrap® is convenient for Travelling, Visiting, Boating and Holidaying It’s a Bed in a Bag!

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