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Ollie the Owl Product Review

Written by Olivia Arrow

Have you had a baby recently or are expecting soon?  If you’re new to this parenting gig, let us “already been there and already done that know it all’s”, give you a heads up!

The moment your little one exits the womb, they have lost access to the best hotel they will ever stay at.  It’s always the right temperature, food and drink is on demand and the best part is that there is constant noise, whether it’s our heartbeat or simply our food digesting, our little one’s never feel alone.

With all the changes that bub has to go through while entering the world, it understandable that sometimes it can be difficult to sooth a restless baby.

The Gro Company, experts in all things babies have released a new plush companion toy called Ollie the Owl. After reviewing this little gem of a product, it’s became clear that this is the must have for all parents of newborns and beyond!

So, what does Ollie the Owl do? More like, what doesn’t it do!  Ollie the Owl (which I will refer to as Ollie moving forward), has obviously been designed as a sleeping aid companion, but sorry The Gro Company, we think Ollie is an all-day, everyday companion and a lifesaver all parents with a newborn.

Made using beautiful super soft and plush materials, Ollie is a cuddly toy that even you won’t be able to resist. With it’s adorable appearance and soft grey colour, Ollie easily fits in with any nursery décor.

With 4 built in soothing sounds which include: White Noise Static, Heartbeat, Rainfall and Brahms Lullaby, you will be able to choose a tune that best helps your little one settle. You can adjust the volume with the 3 volume settings and Ollie plays soothing sounds for 20 minutes continuously and then the auto off kicks in.

One of our favourite features of Ollie is the intelligent CrySensor.  The intelligent CrySensor automatically turns on the last soothing sound played if baby cries within 3 hours after auto off, helping settle and sooth your bub right back to sleep.

Ollie has a soft and tranquil light up tummy that has 3 levels of light to choose from and can also be used as a night light for up to 30 minutes before automatically switching off.

With the Velcro fastening loop that you can secure to the cot, pram or even in the car, Ollie is the perfect companion to take out and about or simply to use at home.

Suitable to use from birth, Ollie will be the ultimate friend for your bub and will be your toddler’s night time security to keep the monsters at bay.

Here’s what our other mum’s had to say about Ollie the Owl.

“There are a lot of these sleeping aide devices in the market place these days. However, what set Ollie apart from the rest is the intelligent CrySensor. I’m loving that I don’t have to get up every time baby stirs.  The White Noise is currently our choice and even sends me off to sleep”


“Ollie the Owl is by far the best soothing aide I’ve used on my baby girl.  I use it as much in the day as I do at night.  The soothing sound of the heartbeat just seems to settle bub down and must give her a sense of still being in the womb.  Before Ollie the Owl, my little princess only seemed to be settled when I or hubby cradled her in our arms so she could hear our heartbeat. Now with Ollie in our lives, I’m able to get a few chores done while she is peaceful sleeping or just resting and bonus I can even squeeze in few extra naps to make up for all the late nights we have feeding – A great product I would definitely recommend”


 “Car trips were a nightmare for us. My son would scream as soon as he was strapped in and this wouldn’t stop until we got him out of the car. This was every upsetting for me and baby as I have family that live about an hour away and it was stopping me from going anywhere more than 10 mins from home.  Since having Ollie, it’s the first time that bub has slept in the car.  Thanks to the CrySensor feature, it has changed the way we are able to travel and have a peaceful trip. I simply loop him through the front set headrest and switch him on before getting bub in the car.  We can now travel all the way to mum’s place and along the way if the music stops and bub cries, the tunes start again. The Brahms Lullaby does the trick for us and I really couldn’t be happier – highly recommend”  


At only $79.95 Ollie the Owl, The Gro Company’s latest edition, is a must have for all parents of newborns.  His soothing sounds will help settle your baby and provide comfort not only at night but during the day for you and your baby.

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