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Tips and Tricks To Soothe A Restless Baby

Written By Jana Angeles  

It’s night three and you’re about to go insane. Your baby is constantly crying and you have no idea what to do at this point. You have a raging headache and your ears are ringing and you don’t remember the last time you had a good night’s sleep. Parenting is a tough gig and having your baby reach the ‘restless’ stage can feel unbearable. Fear not, there are ways to soothe your baby. All it takes is to find a moment to experiment and try things that will calm them down. If it feels like you’re battling a war, here are some tips and tricks to soothe your restless baby so you can finally catch up on some sleep! 

Change Their Surroundings  

Like adults, babies do enjoy the change in scenery. Maybe they’ve been cooped up in the same room for weeks and you’ve been comforting them with the same toy and blankie for ages. Taking them for a stroll around the block or nearest park can help them feel refreshed. There’s nothing more relaxing than to embrace the nature and sunlight around us. Your baby will feel calm and relaxed if they are somewhere peaceful with noise kept to a minimum. 

Maybe They Need To Burp or Pass Some Gas 

It can be distressing for babies to need to burp or pass some gas. When a baby has wind, it is often painful for them and this can result in hours of crying. If your baby needs to burp, lay them on their back and make bicycle movements with their legs, gently pushing them up towards their stomach. Relieving them from wind is a sure way to stop your baby from being restless. It’s also effective in soothing them. 

Schedule in Their Feedings  

It’s important that babies have some form of routine when it comes to their feeding sessions. Hunger is one of the main reasons why babies become restless. If you’re too busy to think about scheduling feeding sessions, write down and set your own time frames that work for you and the baby. You can also download some apps on your phone to schedule in your baby’s feedings or set up regular reminders if you prefer digital over the pen and paper method! 

Nurture The Bond With Your Baby  

Parenting doesn’t have to be dull and traditional, you’d be surprised on how creative you can be when you put your mind to it! Start reading stories so they can get used to your calm voice. If you’re not the best singer, sing to them some lullabies anyway. If you have your own rocking chair, you can carry them and rock them to sleep while humming your favourite tunes. You can also give them a bath and a light massage to help them fall into relaxation mode. Nurturing the bond with your baby early on is an important step to take as a parent. It forms that unconditional love for your child. Simple activities like that can help take the restless side out of them!  

Overall, if you have other tips and tricks in mind, go ahead and try them and see if they work. Otherwise, the points mentioned above can help you keep track of your restless baby. If you’re concerned about the health of your child, speak to your local doctor and ask questions. Constantly monitor your baby and ensure their temperature and eating habits are normal. There’s no “right” method in soothing a restless baby; only approach the ones that work for you! 

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