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The Special Bond Between Father and Daughter – How to Build on Your Father-daughter Bond

By Cara Barilla

Whether you are a new father, grandparent, stepfather, or father-in-law, the “father figure” bond between father and daughter is crucial to a female’s life. From birth to adulthood, being bound in the unconditional support of your father can stay with you throughout your most memorable peaks and choices in life. Retaining good advice, strong memories, feelings and lessons from a father is solely crucial to a child’s development, whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritually-bounded. Below are some collective solutions to help form a strong memorable bond between you and your daughter. These can help contribute a mutual understanding, likeliness and acceptance of the father-daughter relationship.

Listen: Understanding what her needs are is crucial at every stage in her life. From the time she is born through to adulthood, a father is always needed to assist in support. Your daughter subconsciously relies on you for a strong backbone and advice from a male’s opinion. Whether it’s a cry for help or just listening to what they had for lunch, having an open ear reflects an unconditional interest in their life.

Share Activities: Find out what her interests are and take note of any where you can be involved in. Whether it’s rock climbing or watching a funny movie, adding like-minded interests creates long-term happiness for both of you. This will ultimately make you less intimidating and be seen as more friendly.

Be Mindful of Their Surroundings: Whether they are a member of the local school chess club, or understanding they like to be surrounded by people in a sporty atmosphere, truly reflects on who they are and how it can affect their future. Being knowledgeable of their surroundings also means you are aware if they need help with anything at all. Your daughter will appreciate how you take interest in their surroundings, the type of people they associate with and what their daily routine consists of.

Be The Influencer: No matter what age your daughter is, she will always look at your life and see if she can look up to you. It is crucial for you to play a positive role model and practice a healthy lifestyle. Influence your daughter by guiding them with the correct stepping stones to ensure they can be the best person they can be. This is a very effective bonding technique as it can affect important life milestones. Your daughter would love to have your support and guidance to develop balance in their life.

Praise and Support: During times of development, whether it’s learning to walk, drive, read or any other stage of your daughter’s life, it is important to assist them. Helping them reach their milestone effectively can assist in boosting their self-esteem and confidence. Having both parental support is crucial to healthy mental development.

Having Presence In Her Life: If you don’t have much to say, or don’t know what exactly to do when it comes to socially bonding with your daughter, the best ingredient is to just “be there” physically for her. Whether you are on the couch together watching TV or seeing her perform at her ballet recital, being present is one of the most significant methods of bonding. Knowing that you are in sight ultimately shows your interest.

Father’s touch: Whether it is a pat on the back or a nice bear hug, physically showing your affection can strengthen your bond with each other.

No matter what age your little one is, your love, support and care for your daughter should be a priority. If you are having problems bonding with your daughter, it’s best to express this to her mother, a local counsellor, psychologist or local community family support clinic. There is no limit in giving your daughter unconditional love. As long as you are there for her, your daughter will naturally see your best efforts.

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