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How to Store and Organize Kid’s Bath Toys

Clear the mess and creatively organize bath toys

I used to love bathtime when the kids were younger, we had so much fun together.  We would sing together, splash and play.  Then when they were older and could safely sit by themselves I would give the bathroom a little clean, while they would happily continue to play.  I had 3 kids under the age of 2 and each had their own bath toys, we had a good collection! However it was challenging to store and organise kids bath toys tidly.

My kids are older now and rarely use the bath, toys were donated a long time ago, but I used a delicates washing bag, I sewed fabric loops onto each end which hung off 2 suctioned hooks, it allowed the toys to drip and dry through the bag (similar to the first idea below).  Now I have learnt of so many more great ideas, I’ve shared a variety of creative ways to store and organise kids bath toys below:


Delicates washing bag – This is very similar to what I created when my kids were younger.


Dollar Store Baskets with suction caps -This is super easy to do.  Just add a little water to the back of each suction cup, line two up in a straight line, let sit for a while, then attach the lip of the bin to the hooks.


Peg Basket and Shower Curtain Hooks – Rubber-coated baskets and metal shower curtain hooks.


Basket – Black woven basket at the end of bathtub.


Tubs on a rail – Drill holes into the bottom of the tubs and hang on a rail.  These tubs are from an overseas Ikea, however I’ve searched the Australian Ikea and can’t find anything similar, but I think this is so beautifully organised.





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