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Three Ways To Have Fun On Mother’s Day As A Single Mum

By Jana Angeles  

Being a single mother on Mother’s Day is a challenge. You see people on social media sharing pictures of their perfect family or the ones getting luxurious gifts as a sign of appreciation. Getting to that point where you feel like you’re shortchanged doesn’t necessarily mean your motherhood journey is worse than others – it just means you have to go at it alone and figure out a creative way to celebrate. Yes, being a single mum has it downfalls but we can change and remain positive in our attitude. So how can we make Mother’s Day a fun and memorable one as a single mum?

Create A Fun Tradition For You And Your Children

It may be easy to just stay at home and binge-watch your favourite TV series while eating your go-to ice cream flavour but being out of the house and having fun with your children is always something you’ll never forget. Create meaningful memories with your children by starting your own unique tradition on Mother’s Day.

It can be something simple like cooking a family meal together, seeing the latest art exhibit at a museum or going on wild rides at an amusement park. The possibilities are endless and it’s better to do something that makes you feel good about yourself instead of wallowing in self-pity. Remember your Mother’s Day celebrations are unique to yourself so you can make it fun your own way.

Forget About The Expectations And Enjoy The Ride

Things might not go perfect on Mother’s Day and you may feel susceptible to negative feelings more often than not. It’s important to remind yourself of the simple things that make motherhood such a wild yet rewarding journey for all of us. Don’t build on expectations and thrive off them because in the end, you may feel disappointed if they are not met.

Your children may just want to spend more quality time with you. Mother’s Day doesn’t have to include an extravagant dinner in the end. It could mean bonding over your favourite movies with your children or simply cuddling each other to sleep. Enjoy the day and remain positive as best you can.

Make Plans With Your Family And Friends

It’s easy to feel left out especially when all your friends are coupled up and celebrating their version of Mother’s Day with their own families. Find time by seeking out friends who are also single mums and get together with your children and be creative with your outings. You can go on a day trip to the beach, day cruise or even have a quiet picnic in the park.

It’s not rocket science when it comes to making plans and you’ll find that even the most simplest things can benefit you physically and emotionally. Of course, this might be your first Mother’s Day being single but that doesn’t mean you should let that define your worth. You can be happy flying solo and just be grateful spending time with your children.

Overall, it’s okay to feel a bit left out when it comes to Mother’s Day. Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the fun. Remember that your children love you no matter what and if they show love and care towards you on this special day, show your appreciation and remind yourself that you’re an amazing mother with many valuable qualities.

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