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Travel with Baby

Travelling with a young baby or toddler doesn’t have to be stressful. Creating a memorable holiday is what it’s all about and if keeping your little ones calm in transit is important – whatever the reason for your travel, these simple tips may be just what you need.


Moisturise and Hydrate
To help keep skin well-hydrated during long-haul flights, use non-greasy, water based natural cream. We suggest locking in moisture with an unscented product – try Pure Baby Moisture Cream specifically formulated for babies and anyone with sensitive skin. For older children and adults, why not opt for a more nourishing formula? Also free from essential oils, Natural Baby Lotion is an ideal choice. The thicker cream formulation spreads further and is more moisturising, ideal also for eczema and dermatitis sufferers. Travel can take its toll and be extremely dehydrating to the skin. A good routine which includes the application of a high quality, natural moisturizer to hands, face, legs as well as keeping up fluid intake, is vital for even the youngest of frequent flyers.


Massage Moment
Whether it’s a long haul flight or a short, day trip, you can use massage to soothe your little one off to slumber in no time at all.

Aromababy’s Baby Massage oil is heavenly, with relaxing lavender and rose. Simply warm a little oil in your hands, whilst singing or speaking softly to your child in preparation for massage. Using circular strokes massage the soles of their little feet, then gently massage and wring each little tootsie and circle your thumbs around the ankle bones to finish off. If your child enjoys their hands being massaged, repeat these strokes on the hands and use long, flowing strokes down the length of their arms. The organic oils will help to moisturize dry skin and the gentle touch will signal sleep time.


Protect and Pamper
If your child is in nappies or pull-ups, using a protective, natural balm can help to guard the skin from wetness and help minimise irritation.

Natural ingredients including vitamin e are ideal to calm skin irritations. Aromababy’s Barrier Balm includes also calendula to help soothe and then protect the skin by leaving a light barrier. Not just for babies, Barrier Balm is suitable for the entire family and has been soothing skin for two decades.

Perfect to help minimise chafing, dry lips, as a nail and cuticle balm, for dry, cracked heels and elbows, for sunburn, insect bites and much more. If you’re seeking an effective, natural product that works as an all-round, multi-purpose super-hero, look no further – you’ll be delighted at the superior results one little jar can provide.


With all the focus on keeping the little ones calm and content, sometimes the adults forget to take time out for themselves. Why not take the Aromababy day spa experience on the road with you – choose from new luxe, Soothing Bath Salts (also idea to use in a foot bath) to help soak away your cares. With sea salt and sandalwood to help encourage relaxation, these salts can also be used in a hotel basin when there is no bath handy. Simply prop yourself up on the bench and let your feet soak in the aromatic bliss.

For those who love a body polish, you can’t go past the new Exfoliating Body Scrub with Raw Sugar and Grapefruit. Aromatic heaven in the palm of your hand – add a little water and apply to the skin using a circular motion whilst in the shower or bath. Ladies, concentrate on thighs, hips, knees and elbows. For the gents, this fabulous, unisex aroma is sure to please and will entice him to indulge in a little pampering too, the body scrub helping to buff his skin to pure perfection!

Now available in select duty free stores including Think Sydney (International Terminal, Sydney Airport) online with Adore Beauty, Pharmacy Online, select National Pharmacies and where quality, natural products are sold.

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