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Written by Feba Maryann 

Educating children in their comfort zones has been one of the most efficient features of technology put to use during this pandemic. But no matter how trailblazing the technology gets, some things just never change! And that includes the cumbersome process of learning subjects and executing assignments. But here are some tips to get you on track! 

One Step At A Time 

Breaking a huge chunk into smaller modules has been one of the best go-to tips of all time. Since the very beginning of the pandemic, online classwork’s and homework’s have contributed to looming assignments that seem so never-ending. But here’s a trick, one deep breath and one step at a time never fails you. If you’ve got ample time, break the task into manageable tasks, and accomplish it regularly. 

Scoring Marks Isn’t Everything

Education is not about acing those quizzes you take. Although it may seem like the only thing that matters are the marks you score, it is far from true. School education focuses equally on discipline, working consistently and regularly. 

Do you love dancing? Or singing? Or playing football? Do what you love! Extracurriculars are an integral part of school education too. You do you! 

The Workspace Mentality 

It is often said that a good workstation helps your brain to concentrate better, but in the current scenario, finding a place where there are zero distractions can be challenging. So, find a well-lit, naturally ventilated corner in the house, and get ready to achieve your goals. Sometimes, a change of scenery can even trigger your brain to retain information better, so why not try moving into that cute kitchen table or that verandah of yours?  

Learn How To Create A Distraction-Free Zone

During the lockdown period, we were stuck to our screens and social media 24×7. A sudden change from that routine may be very difficult to process but make it a point that you stay away from your mobile phone or any such distraction while you are doing your homework or trying to study for a test. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb or turn off the notifications while you are in study mode.  

Organisation Is The Key 

Being organised helps you to eliminate the belated chaos that can subsequently help you to code work that makes it easier for you. Try using planners, to keep a check on the tasks that are yet to be done. And another pro tip to use a planner, is to use it beyond just planning as the agenda, use it to write down what you have accomplished and journal your feedback too. 

Get Into A Routine

Set up a routine and try to respect it. Choose those times to study when you’ll have the least amount of distractions. This also helps you manage your time more effectively. 

Keep It Simple

Nothing too glossy, shines forever- so here’s the trick! Keep it simple. Whatever system or routine you follow, keep it simple and easy to go by. This is because if the system is too ostentatious, you are most likely to follow it inconsistently. So, to follow the routine everyday, be realistic and take  

Get Real 

Be realistic about the amount of work you’ll be able to complete in a given time. Do not build your castles on thin air. Keep it real, start working earlier if you know it’ll take longer, rather than waiting for some miracle to happen… 

Use Class Time Wisely 

If you find yourself having a free hour or free time during class, utilising that time effectively. Try learning one extra formula or a couple of stanzas of a poem or complete your homework in that extra time. 

Be Consistent 

Being consistent can mean the difference between having to mug up hundreds of pages of study material before an exam and just barely revising. Furthermore, being consistent boosts your confidence. 

If, say, one day before the exam for some reason you couldn’t study. If you weren’t consistent chances are likely that you’ll flunk the test. Being consistent ensures that this load is evenly divided so that even if you miss a day you can still make up for it on the next day without having to sacrifice anything. 


During the lockdown, studies more or less came to a standstill. The COVID-19 pandemic was a very stressful experience and now that schools are finally reopening, hopes of returning to normal are also popping up. So, it is now time for you to get back into study mode with these tips to aid you.

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