5 Reasons to Delay Your Baby’s First Bath

Written by Jana Angeles 


Maintains body temperature 

Your baby is just getting used to the temperature once they are born into the real world. When they were in your uterus, they were kept warm. Once they are out of your body, they are slowly adapting to half the temperature that they are used to. Newborns generally can’t adjust their body temperature very well. If you bathe your baby too soon, this will cause them to be cold causing them to use up more energy and oxygen so their body temperature can remain stable.  


Lowers risk of hypoglycaemia 

When babies are bathed as soon as they are born, this can lower their blood sugar levels, which could put them at risk of being hypoglycemic. Newborns that are separated from their mothers become distressed. If they are getting bathed, this can release stress hormones which can lower their blood sugar. They are some problems which may occur when your baby has low blood sugar. They could turn out to be more sleepy than usual or not feeding very well. This could lead to further health complications if not treated. Delaying your baby’s bath could lower the risk of them getting hypoglycaemia and help avoid health complications.  


Improves chances of successful breastfeeding 

The longer your baby is exposed to skin-to-skin contact, the better! If you decide to bathe them as soon as they are born, you may not be able to have success in breastfeeding them. When you allow this opportunity for longer, they will closely recognise your body and begin to search for your breast and nipple. This will happen naturally as it’s self-instinctive for them to do this in the first hour after birth. Delaying a baby’s bath can improve your chances of successful breastfeeding and help your baby latch on to your breast easily. 


Keeps them from infections 

When your baby is the uterus, they are protected from their watery environment by a special substance called the vernix, which is found on their skin. Once they are born, you may find that they have some white, waxy substance on them. The visibility of vernix depends on how long a mother has been pregnant for; the longer the term of pregnancy, the less visible it is. Research has said that vernix has properties which allow babies to be protected from infections. Delaying your baby’s first bath can help keep the vernix stay on their skin, which could help add a layer of protection and boost their immune system which is beneficial to their health.  


More time for baby bonding 

Once your baby is born, you don’t want to let them go! You want to hold them forever and you feel like you have the whole world in your arms. Delaying your baby’s first bath gives you the opportunity to establish those mother-baby bonds early on and you will feel more connected to them when you do. It will help them feel safe and protected, which can avoid the crying and the stress of being separated from you. You’ve got to remember that babies are gentle creatures and their skin is fragile, so delaying their first bath can really benefit their health. 

Overall, delaying your baby’s first bath has numerous health benefits. Not only does it give the opportunity to establish a strong bond between mother and the baby, it helps with your baby’s body temperature regulation and blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it could help them avoid any nasty infections while also boosting their immune system. New mothers do not need to worry about their baby’s first bath and it’s encouraged to consider the benefits of delaying it. Take the time to really connect with your child and look forward to the bonding experience of being able to bathe them for the first time soon.