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5 Tips To Take Care of Your Child’s Wellbeing

Written by Jana Angeles 

 A child’s wellbeing is something we can’t neglect as parents. When they grow older, we need to show them the real values of life and avoid raising kids that lack emotional intelligence when it comes to big adult decision-making. It’s hard enough as a parent to manage our kids behaviour but it’s important that we take the time to get to know our child, especially at the critical age when they are young.

They are curious creatures and we must treasure every moment we have with them. There are no shortcuts when it comes to taking care of their wellbeing so here are some ways you can show them love and care as they grow up:  

Remind them of their best qualities 

Children love being reminded of their best qualities. Whether it’s their generosity, sense of humour and ability to read, showing appreciation to these qualities that make up their personality can make a difference. It’s always great to remind them every now and then on what makes them unique as human beings. Simply saying that you love a quality in them can boost their self-confidence and can make all the difference. They will learn that these make them likeable as people and can help nurture the relationships they have with friends and family.   

Show them praise for something they’ve done well 

If your child has done an awesome drawing or created something handmade for you, give them praise for their efforts. Having a great self-esteem will help your child be aware of their talents and encourage them to work on what they’re good at, leading them to bigger and brighter things in the future.

If you show your child praise and provide them with constructive feedback every now and then (the white lies can get a little out of hand sometimes…), they will value your honesty and can help them work even harder to not only impress you and the family but for themselves! 

Model a good relationship to your child 

 It’s important that you have a good relationship with your spouse or partner. Taking care of them and showing respect can go a long way when it comes to your child’s wellbeing. How you treat your partner says a lot about you and what you value most in life. It’s not about handing them materialistic gifts just to avoid the fights and keeping them “happy”.

Even if it’s once a month, schedule a date night with them and show that you genuinely love their company. Your child will respect you and your partner for building a relationship of trust, love and support. In return, they will feel protected and happy that their parents have a healthy connection with each other, despite how busy life can get.  

Play board games  

This is a great way to spend time with the family as you can have a laugh over it (while also being lowkey competitive). Playing board games will teach your child critical skills and help them learn the key aspects of teamwork, collaboration and problem-solving.

Games like Monopoly or UNO provide great entertainment for your child. They will also be away from any technological gadget, giving them time to spend with family. However, you don’t need to play board games if they don’t interest you. It could be playing games outdoors or going to the nearby amusement park as a family.  

Show them happiness 

Whether it’s getting a promotion for work, travelling, adopting a dog from the shelter or even eating at your favourite restaurant, showing your child that you’re happy can really make a positive impact. When you show them the value of self-care, they will try and model that and see that in themselves. The most important thing is to show your child that happiness is subjective. It has different meanings to all kinds of people so teach them that.  

Overall, your child’s wellbeing is something that is built upon the environment in which they grow up in. As parents, you should be modelling respect, empathy and love in the household. In return, this will increase their emotional intelligence and encourage them to build meaningful relationships in the future as adults.   

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