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Just like anything to do with having a baby, choosing a baby carrier can become a little overwhelming once you start doing your research. To say you’ll get confused is an understatement.  You’ll have the brand selection, the features, then the benefits and once you try to start comparing all these things, it can make choosing the best carrier for you just that little bit harder.

With the release of the new MOBY Move All-Position Carrier, choosing a baby carrier has been made easy. The new MOBY Move All-Position Carrier is a lightweight and breathable baby carrier.  It has been designed with a single set of easy-to-use adjustments and with no infant insert required, it’s Newborn-ready.  The carrier is ergonomic and comfortable for you and your baby and the best part is, it’s so simple to use.  

Here are some of the key features we absolutely love about the new MOBY Move All-Position Carrier:

  1. 4-Positions

Every stage of babywearing is different.  You’ll go from parent-facing in those early newborn days to world-facing during the later baby stage. Followed by these positions is the hip carrying stage and last but not least is the super handy back carrying position which is great when you just need to have your hands free when running a few errands or are off on a family exploring adventure together.

2. Easy-To-Use Adjustments 

Making sure you and your baby are comfortable through all the stages of infancy while using a carrier should be simple.  You’ll love how easy it is to adjust the carrier with a single set of adjustments, creating a custom fit as your baby transitions from newborn to toddler.

3. Comfortable Strap Fit

There is nothing worse than getting your baby into a carrier and then realising that you need to be a contortionist to get the straps adjusted. With the easy-adjust straps that have finger loops, this carrier is easy to adjustment both from the front and back and takes the circus work out of getting comfortable once your baby is already strapped in. 

4. Waist Belt, Padded Shoulder Straps & Lumbar Support 

After a while, carrying a baby can be….exhausting! You need to make sure that you have the support you need for a hassle-free and comfortable trip.  The MOBY Move has an ultra-comfortable waist belt, padded shoulder straps and lumber support which distribute the weight evenly for extra comfort over long periods of babywearing.

5. Lightweight, Breathable Mesh Fabric for Cool Babywearing

Comfort is not just the fit, it’s also the feel. The MOBY Move has been designed using a blend of lightweight and breathable terylene, polyester and cotton to keep air circulating between you and your baby, ensuring you’re both cool and comfortable while babywearing.

6. Storage Pockets

With two storage pockets for your keys, phone, wallet, dummy or spare nappies, running those quick errands has never been easier.

7. Cushioned, Ergonomic Seat with Padded Head & Neck Support

Every parent wants to ensure that that their baby has the best support and the MOBY Move has you covered. The ergonomic seat supports all stages from newborn through to toddler and the padded head and neck support is another added peace of mind during the early days of development.

8. Newborn to Toddler

You’ll be able to carry your baby from a tiny 3.2 kgs right up to 20.4 kgs. The carrier also comes with a taller toddler feature ensuring even the tallest toddlers are happy. This carrier will grow with your baby making it the only carrier you’ll need.

9. Privacy Hood with UPF 45+ Sun Protection

When your little one needs a nap or has had enough of the bright sunlight, the privacy hood with UPF 45+ sun protection is all you need to give them the break they need.

10. Machine Washable

Whether your baby has dribbled all over your carrier or it’s just due for a wash, your MOBY Move is easy to clean. Place in a large wash bag and put in the washing machine on a cold cycle with gentle spin and let it air dry and 3,2,1 your carrier looks as good as new!

One Mum tested the new MOBY Move All-Position Carrier and here is what she had to say:

“I absolutely love this carrier! The ease of setting it up is amazing. I have an 8-month-old and he has just started sitting in the forward-facing position.  My son is quite small and I loved how I could adjust the seat so that his legs are comfortable and well positioned, not like my current carrier where his legs look like they are too far spread apart.  I was also impressed with how much easier it is to adjust the straps to achieve a good fit for both me and baby. Now one feature I loved most was the 2 pockets. There is one at the top of the carrier which perfect for dummies and a teething toy and the one on the belt is big enough for my keys, phone, cash and credit cards which was super handy when going for a quick walk to around the local park, no more extra bag for those quick outings. With the weather warming up I was surprised by how cool both baby and I felt while wearing the carrier, another thing my current carrier doesn’t offer.  Overall, I was impressed with the MOBY Move All-Position Carrier and would definitely recommend this to other parents.  I can see the value in how it will grow with my child and be great carrier from birth to toddler years and only wish I had this carrier when my son was a newborn.”

The MOBY Move All-Position Carrier is everything you didn’t know you needed and with so many amazing features, it’s easy to see why so many parents are loving this new carrier. Choosing a carrier doesn’t have to be hard when you choose the MOBY Move, it’s actually quite simple, just like the carrier itself.

You can purchase the new MOBY Move All-Position Carrier exclusively from Baby Bunting nationwide.

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