Awesome Dad Teaches Other Dads To Do Their Daughters’ Hair

One thing that most dads and daughters can’t agree on is fashion. What’s even harder for guys to grasp — especially the ones who are into DIY buzz cuts — is hairstyling. That’s why girls leave it to mom when it comes to helping them choose and execute their favorite hairstyles.

But now, moms work outside of the home just as much as dads do, which means that mom can’t always be there to help the kids do their hair before school. Fortunately, one dad came up with the perfect solution. He learned how to do his daughter’s hair, so he decided to start a class that could help other dads do the same!

The class teaches dads how to master basic ponytails, braids, and buns. Part of the draw is that dads nowadays want to know how to help their little girls look and feel like the princesses they are, even when mom’s not around.



But it doesn’t stop there. When dads master the art of hairstyling, it opens them up to more father-daughter bonding opportunities!

This dad was impressed with the turnout on the first day of class.


These guys can even snag an awesome goodie bag on their way out!


They’re stocked with everything they’ll need to pull off perfect styles. Once word about this class spreads, I bet they’ll need to find a bigger space! When dad learns how to do hair, life gets a whole lot easier for everyone…especially mom!