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Best Overseas Destinations To Travel With Kids

Written by Karli Steenkamp

Travelling with kids can be very interesting. It might feel like you need a holiday after your holiday. However, that is not necessary – there is a solution. There are so many interesting countries out there who cater for parents with kids of all ages. Whether you love the beach or prefer sight-seeing, here are six destinations to travel to so the whole family can have a memorable and enjoyable trip. 


Bali is an affordable, beach holiday and the travelling shouldn’t be more than a few hours. There are many child-friendly resorts that offer kids clubs to keep the kids busy, while you soak up the sun and have some time for rest and relaxation. You can have lunch at the Temega Tree House, which is made of Bamboo and has a suspension bridge or you can even go on a pirate dinner cruise. The Bali Treetop Adventures will be an unforgettable experience.

If you need to cool down, there is a waterpark known as ‘The Waterbom’. Whether you want to see butterflies, visit a chocolate factory or make use of the Bounce Bali Trampoline Centre, Bali is the place that offers it all. You can even go on a safari and visit the Upside Down House and experience what an astronaut must feel like. Bali will definitely not disappoint in holiday fun.   

Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is a cultural experience for the whole family. It is situated in Asia, the biggest continent in the world, and there are loads to do for the whole family. It is a very busy place with people from all over. There is the Museum of History and Madame Tussauds where all the iconic figures in the world are made out of wax. For more adventurous type of families, there is the Hong Kong observation wheel and the Ngong Ping 360 cable car that will take you to the big Buddha statue.

There are parks for picnic, playing or just relaxing. Ferry rides are available and you can go to the Ocean Park to see all the interesting ocean-life creatures. Pink dolphins can also be watched, but on a rare occasion due to them being near extinction. Hong Kong’s Disneyland will definitely be the highlight of the holiday giants. 


Fiji, located in the South-Pacific Ocean is ideal for people with kids, with only a four-hour flight from Sydney. Many resorts have kids’ clubs that will entertain the young ones for hours on end. You can have the true island experience while visiting other islands close by. You can do The Salad Bowl Adventure Tour where you meet locals, eat their food and experience the culture.

Zip lining through the Fiji rainforest or visiting the Kula Eco Park with different birds and reptiles, there are many things the whole family will enjoy. The Garden of the Sleeping Giants is a beautiful garden filled with colourful orchids and mountain-shaped sleeping giants. The whole family will enjoy the glass bottom boat rides too. There won’t be enough time to experience it all. 

 Ottawa, Canada 

There are lots of things to do in Canada. In every state, there are family-orientated events. In Ottawa, the Canadian Children’s Museum and the Lego Land Discovery Centre are places where they can play with thousands of Lego pieces – what a dream come true! The Canada Aviation and Space Museum will keep children in awe.

You can go ice-skating on The Rideau Canal Skate Way, the largest naturally frozen ice-skating rink in the world. Changing of the guard in Parliament Hill is a spectacle. If you have time left on your holiday, make sure you pop over to see the Niagara Falls. It is sure to leave an impression. With the Canadian dollar and Australian dollar being very equal to each other, this holiday shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.  

Vienna, Austria 

The country made for people to have a great holiday. There are kinder hotels, which will cater to your requirements of food, play areas and child care. The House of Music will be loved by music lovers and children can even make their own cd. There are hop-on-hop-off buses to take you through the city. Prater Theme park and the Vienna Zoo are the oldest ones in the world.

Bogi Park is the largest indoor play area with free Wi-Fi for adults. A Giant Ferris wheel will give you a beautiful view. In Summer, there are beautiful wildflower meadows to have a picnic or hike. Winter allows for ice-skating and beautiful Christmas trees and lights. Austria is a holiday which will never leave your bucket list again and again. 

Los Angeles, United States of America 

Last but not least the ever famous Los Angeles. This star-studded town is the home of Hollywood and the Walk of Fame. Universal Studios and Paramount Studios will take you back to all your favourite movies and series. The kids will enjoy the animations as well as the theme parks. The LA Zoo is a wonderful attraction. You cannot go to America without visiting Disneyland. Even adults will have their inner-child come out. 

There are many destinations that will leave you wanting more. Visit a City can work out an itinerary for your trip. Many hotels understand the need of parents and will accommodate you the best they can. With many options available, you can choose the best option for your family.

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