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With so much technology available for kids these days, finding the right device that keeps your child entertained and safe can be very overwhelming and that’s before you’ve even chosen a product!

Well, research no more, introducing the Birde!  It’s what most parents have been looking for and what your kids are going to love.

Birde is the world’s first smart media player that that has been specifically designed for children.  It allows them to learn, play and be entertained with educational digital content and best of all it ensures their safety.  

So What Makes Birde A Standout?

Birde is an Australian designed media streaming player that has been designed for kids.  The device allows your child to play digital content which includes audiobooks, music and can also be connected to your TV so your little ones will even be able to watch videos.  

With kids being so tech savy today, having a Birde ensure a safe and fun way for children to learn through play with parent approved content. 

Kids simply tap a Birde Seed (these are the media tiles) against the device, and they’ll be able to hear or see what they want.

What We Love About Birde!

There are so many things to love about Birde, but here’s what we love about this little device:  

  • It’s Kid Proof! 

That’s right the Birde is drop proof and bump proof meaning no more broken or cracked screens, phone or remotes.

  • You Can Wash It! 

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s waterproof and washable, so no stress when your little one drops water, juice or even picks it up with grubby little hands, simply wash your Birde and you can keep it looking nice and new!

  • You Can Take It Anywhere! 

With an 8-hr battery, Birde entertains anywhere and everywhere.  It a saviour for those long-haul trips and everything in between.

  • The Content is Amazing!

With a large variety of ABC Kids, Nickelodeon and even the Wizard Of Oz, the content is incredible. 

3 My Child Magazine Mums’s tested the Birde and here is what they had to say:

“As a mum of a 2-year-old girl and a 10 year old boy, it’s been challenging allowing my daughter to play on a device without the need to be looking over her shoulder constantly.  My eldest son loves his iPad, however he only got this when he turned 10 earlier this year.  We have very strict conditions on what content he is allowed to watch, and he respects the rules and boundaries, this however is not possible to do with a toddler.   When we were given the opportunity to review the Birde, I was excited to see how it would be received by my daughter and it didn’t disappoint.  It was super simple to use and set up (although hubby did setup the streaming for video’s) and my baby girl just loves it.  She was excited that she had a device that was hers and was immediately able to grasp how to use the device. She loves music so we hear her playing music all the time especially the Chrip Seed.  Overall, I would recommend this to anyone wanting a safe, fun and educational device for a toddler/pre-schooler.”

  • Jess

“Birde is everything a parent of a young child could want or need. The device is super easy to set up and use, your child won’t have any problems working it out.  I was stunned how it can withstand toddler’s drops and bumps and the best part is that it is super quick to clean.  My son is 3 years and loves the Kitten Sleepy Story and has taken Birde to bed every night since we got it.  Birde has a great variety of content to keep your child entertained and gives parents a peace of mind.”

  • Sarah

“My daughter is 4 years and Birdie is her “best friend” as stated by her.  I was excited to see this device in action as it looks too good to be true, and it’s actually just that, too good to be true! My daughter has limited screen time, so we don’t use Birde on the TV, but she has it in her playroom and we can hear her using it all the time. I love how she has taken to using Birde as part of her roleplay and uses Birde when putting her baby dolls to sleep and then wakes them up with either the Wiggles or the Chripy Seeds.  She has picked up the all the songs quickly and sings along with Birde which is also so cute to listen too.  I really love and appreciate that I don’t have to worry about what she is listen to or watching when using the Birde and the fact that it’s educational is an added bonus.” 

  • Bianca

Birde takes the worry and hassle out of screening content and makes choosing a device that much easier. The content is age appropriate and allows parents to feel confident in allowing their child to explore a digital world independently is a safe, fun and educational environment.

The Birde Media Player retails from $179 and includes 3 Birde Seeds and you can purchase additional Birde Seeds from $11.95.  

To find out more, visit:

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