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Caring For Multiples

By Jana Angeles 

Parenthood is challenging enough, but imagine having to take care of multiple babies at once? As most of you will know, it’s a nightmare for some parents who have twins and triplets. It’s both a blessing and a curse if you think about it; caring for multiple little ones, while ensuring they receive the best care – meaning you have to bottle feed, nurse them to sleep and more all at once!

It can often feel like you’re running a marathon half the time and we understand how difficult it may be transitioning to be the best parents of multiple children. But let’s keep in mind that it isn’t impossible to raise good kids, it just means time management and the ability to multi-task is a must for this. So what are the best ways to care for multiples? What do we need to do to ensure they receive equal love and care from us?

Be open to experimentation when it comes to nap time 

Nap time is a tough one, especially for parents who have multiples. When you’re raising twins, it becomes a constant play field, doing your best to give equal care for both babies. You’ve got to be open to experimentation when it comes to putting them to bed together. You can come up with creative solutions such as placing them inside a twin-made stroller, putting one in a swing and one in a carrier. It can be as simple as laying them together on the floor. It sounds like an exhausting trip, but when you finally find something that works for you, stick to it!

Make sure they have the same routine as each other 

Routines are important when it comes to raising your children. Without them, life would be too chaotic. As you would for one baby, you should nurse, bottle-feed and put the babies to sleep at the same time. It’s challenging to do this with two or more babies, but if you want them to be in-sync, the sacrifice is worth it. As parents, you should work together effectively, taking equal share of the baby duties and stepping in when the other parent needs a break. Never let another parent do all the work – it’s a team effort.

Train them to sleep together 

Before you start doing this, be sure to consult the advice of your pediatrician. You should start doing sleep training no earlier than 3 months of age. If you successfully do this, you will find that the babies can nurse themselves to sleep straightaway without any assistance at all, leaving you with some time for yourself to catch a break. It’s ultimate bliss when they sleep through the night without any interruption whatsoever – make the most of that time!

Make sure you alternate holding and floor time 

Do you feel like sometimes you’re holding one baby more than the other? We’re all guilty of this at some point, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t change it! Get into the habit of alternating holding and floor time when raising twins, triplets, etc. Once the baby on the floor becomes upset, switch over and let the baby that you’ve nursed have some floor time. It can be super exhausting doing this, but just think about how much all your babies deserve equal time to be held and to spend time lying on the floor!

You can do it! 

Things are getting to the point where you’re exhausted and want to go to bed, but with the non-stop crying from your babies, you may feel like you’re the worst parent in the world. Don’t worry, we all face our bad days. Remember that just because you have to put more effort into raising twins, triplets, etc, doesn’t necessarily mean it has to stay like that forever. Your children will grow to become independent people, and your efforts in raising them will no longer be needed once they move out of home. Focus on the positives of your journey raising multiples and enjoy the ride. All you have to do is believe yourself!

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