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Written by Caroline Meyer

If a change is as a good as a holiday, why doesn’t it feel that way with kids? If someone had told me long before I had children, how much change you go through I’m not so sure I would have believed them. Sure, you change a lot of nappies and clothes in the early years, they’re the pretty big kind of changes you expect to be dealing with. But as the years roll on, you start to notice more and more. I know I was a kid myself, not so long ago. Who I am kidding, it was a long time ago and it’s quite possible I don’t remember a lot of things. All part of the brain trick to get you to have kids maybe?! Haha!

I guess one of the biggest things I really wasn’t prepared for, even though I knew it would happen, is the growing independence I’m seeing all the time. It’s funny how for so long you sort of can’t wait for them to do a lot of things for themselves but when it actually starts to happen, you feel all the feels. You know you can’t slow time down, but you don’t want it to go so fast either. No longer is Mummy…sorry Mum…needed to open biscuit packets, get drinks or even brush hair at times. Funny how I’m still required to spoon food into mouths when they’re “too tired” or even assist with wiping bottoms because the lazy gene kicks in again! I doubt I’m going to win that war for some time yet, haha! Don’t even get me started on when it’s time to clean up mess! It’s nice to be wanted for the good things, not so sure about the less appealing side of parenting though.

One thing I still can’t get used to and I know I need to, is my eldest daughter losing teeth. Especially when her younger sister will have to go through it too. I honestly cannot remember when I lost my teeth, not that it was really that long ago, but I seem to have blanked it from my memory. The teeth are coming out regularly but she still won’t let me pull any out. The mention of string tied to her tooth and a door is met with horror and a runaway child. Although I’m not sure I could do it anyway, I know I couldn’t do it to myself, I moved with the door instead of standing still, haha! 

If you’re ever doubting yourself or your skills as a parent, never fear you are not alone on that one. Even before I became a mum, I was worried about whether I could handle the responsibility. I still worry but I always think I have to be doing something right. For one, they’re still alive and secondly they don’t always like me because they don’t get what they want. Every parent knows the feeling of watching a sooky or sulking child, no matter what age, carry on because you have told them no. It doesn’t make you a perfect parent, nothing does. But it gives you a feeling of knowing you’re doing the right thing by your child, whether they like it or not. I must admit there is a small feeling of satisfaction when you hold the upper hand for a change and they really don’t like you for it. You need to have some wins right?!

One day they might surprise me. Or not. I live in hope. There’s no rules, right way of doing things or anything to point you in the right direction when it comes to raising your kids. Sometimes it would be nice so you know which decision is the right one. Is there ever a right decision to make? I know I still have many years of “fun” ahead of me especially with so many girls to contend…I mean deal…with. Can I just fast forward through all the not so good moments and enjoy all the good. If only! I guess it’s all about doing our best to embrace the change, preparing for what is possibly loads of unexpected moments and doing our best. Who am I kidding?! I’m still going to swear like a trooper, scream at them when I need to and hide in the cupboard with my wine and chocolate when I can’t take anymore. Good times to look forward to, haha! 

If you ever need to feel better about yourself check out all of my parenting tales on my own personal blog. Head along to Until next time, keep chugging along and don’t forget to smile no matter what, it keeps everyone guessing!

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