Written by Feba Maryann 

For most of us, 2020 has been an incredible binge-worthy thriller series that hasn’t failed to surprise us with its most absurd events. The fact that calendar pages just flipped at some crazy rpm level would receive the most popular opinion award of the year. But now that Christmas is around the corner! Kicking out 2020 couldn’t have gotten better. So how do you plan to up your game for the most sought-after event that we all would look up to? 

Check out these trending ideas, that would help you to ace the mood for Christmas family game night! 

Cosplay Night 

If there is someone who has truly benefited from this global pandemic, then it has got to be the OTT platforms. Quite arguably, they never failed us, by bringing in the most immersive content. 

Now that’s one good reason to opt for a cosplay night, dressing up as your favourite character couldn’t have got more fun! What are you waiting for? Get yourself a red hoodie jumpsuit and wear that Dali mask and just take over game night! 

Treasure Hunt 

As kids, the most exciting part of the holidays were the presents under the Christmas tree! This year why don’t you brush up your detective skills and just hunt them down. Planning an ‘all-around-the-house’ treasure hunt is not an easy task, but some great group effort could speed on the thrill. 

Song Battle  

Good music is always an instant mood lifter, so what could get better than singing them together? In fact, song battles give you abundant opportunities to remember your retro favourites, newbie playlists, and some good old-fashioned Christmas songs. Separate your family into groups, choose the songs, and start singing your heart aloud with your loved ones. Don’t forget to unleash your healthy competitive spirits though! 

Do A Dare 

Dare games sure have become the irreplaceable constant in any party event. Be it a house party with your friends, or a game night, dare games can easily jazz up the vibes of the night. To make it more Christmassy, get one of those Santa Claus caps, and fill it with chits of your dare game ideas and start the fun. 

Who’s Most Likely To 

The best part about being a family, is, of course, the fact that you know everyone inside out. That makes this game one of the most apt options for a perfect family game night. Putting on your thinking cap and go overboard with situations developed in your imagination. 

Have fun judging who from your family would most likely put themselves in those situations and ace the fun by justifying why they would do so because sometimes it gets even funnier to know what exactly your family thinks of you and the consequences you could end up in. 

Lip Sync Battle 

If there is one thing that we love, it’s definitely got to be Tik Tok. That’s why we’ve got a game totally inspired by our most intense quarantine hobby, a lip sync battle. Get your playlist ready and don’t forget to include all songs that could broaden your musical horizons. The fun begins when a person tries to lip-sync the song, despite having zero clues of its lyrics. And the one who gets the job done with sheer confidence, perfect timing, and lip movements wins the battle!   

Blind Bowling 

Bowling could be an expensive recreational experience. But trying out easy DIY setups, like stacking a pile of cola or bottle cans for bowling at home could be a great idea! Try doing it blind-folded, to experience a whole new thrill. 

Lucky Table 

Gambling wasn’t a part of the plan, but who knew that a video in which someone put their dining table to such great use would go viral on the internet and become a potential game itself! So, here’s how it works: Horizontally divide the surface of the table into different zones with the help of some masking tape. Place individual treats for each of the zones. Treats could vary from money to food and even tasks to plot for some naughty dares. Start the game by slowly rolling a bottle and waiting for it to stop at the zone of your destiny!