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When you welcome a new baby into your family there are so many things that you have to consider, and one of those things is what nappy brand to choose! In today’s market, there’s so much information about what nappies are best and why you should choose a particular brand over another, but really, it comes down to the 3 key features that your baby needs:

  • Comfort
  • Absorption
  • Fit

BabyLove Nappies designed the CosiFit range to not only meet these 3 ‘must have’ features from a nappy, but went above and beyond to ensure that your most precious treasure would be well looked after in their nappy.  Here’s how BabyLove has gone above and beyond:

  • Super comfortable nappy thanks to CosiContour technology – it’s designed to wrap snugly and evenly around baby’s body, preventing leaks and red marks
  • Rapid absorption using DRIwaveTM– which instantly absorbs liquid and pulls it away from the surface, keeping baby’s skin dry
  • The Snug Fit Indicator – which is unique to BabyLove and ensures a balanced nappy fit to prevent leakage.

There’s also handy Wetness Indicators on the Newborn and Infant sizes to make your nappy experience as effortless as possible. 

Jess and Sooks from our mummy review army, had the chance to review the products and this is what they said: 

“When given the chance, I love reviewing products. There are never enough nappies at our place so when I got the call the review BabyLove CosiFit range, I’ll admit I was a little excited.  As a mum of 2 energetic little girls (a 4-year old and a 1-year old), I like products that make parenting easy. When I received the package, I was immediately impressed. The nappy is quite compact and a lot fits into the one pack. The designs are super cute and unisex which I also loved.  My 1-year old daughter is so small and petite, finding nappies that have a good fit has been somewhat challenging.  I was surprised by the fit that the BabyLove CosiFit nappy offered. It was snug, but not too tight around her waist and although the leg area did seem a little big, I assume it is just a very comfortable fit as we had no leakage. As the little explorer that she is, I loved how BabyLove seemed to allow her to walk better and move more freely. I loved these nappies for night time use!  From 8pm to 7am we had no accidents in bed, and she woke each morning nice and dry.  BabyLove CosiFit are extremely absorbent and offered my daughter comfort with no red marks between changing which had me very pleased.” 

Sooks – Mother of 1-year old girl

“I have a strong willed little 18mth old and she is very fussy about a wet nappy, so when My Child approached me to review BabyLove CosiFit I was a little sceptical that they would be able to live up to the brand we have used since her birth. Firstly, let me start by saying that the nappies are cute there is no doubt about that. They have a pastel style colour palette and patterns and great and can be used for both girls and boys (I actually have to check that as the brand I use is gender specific).  At a first glance I was worried that they wouldn’t be as absorbent as our brand, but after the first 48hrs of use I was excited with how much they can hold, even overnight.  My daughter is a big drinker, so absorbency and leakage are big factors in our brand choice.  I really loved that the BabyLove CosiFit product met and exceeded my expectations here. My little one had no red marks when changing nor did she whinge about being wet. With so many boxes ticked, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending these nappies to others as they have converted me too.”

Jess – Mother of 18mth old girl

The BabyLove CosiFit range are trusted by parents around the country and it’s really not surprising why. They feature an Australian-first patented technology which helps prevent harsh, red marks on baby’s delicate skin while providing advanced leakage protection, absorbency and value for money.

If you haven’t tried BabyLove yourself, get a free sample today by visiting:

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