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Cravings during Pregnancy

Written by Cara Barilla

Amid the westernized world we are accustomed to eating the wrong foods. Every second television commercial is based on chocolates, alcohol, chips and other junk food. Our minds are constantly under hesitation whether to give in to the unhealthy cravings and portion control and how to manage it. As our hormone levels are constantly imbalanced during pregnancy our habits tend to get off the mark from time to time. Here are some positive methods of recognizing what to do during a craving and how to substitute it with something more fulfilling and beneficial for not only yourself, more importantly your growing baby and the organs used to keep your baby growing healthy.


Drink plenty of water: water is the prime source of cleaning your body form negative toxins, refuels your system, keeps your body hydrated and stores natural energy. Your body’s cycle depends on water. Every time you have a craving, it may be your body telling you that you are dehydrated. Have two glasses of water to maintain energy.

Educate yourself: Read about what your needs are and how much food you really need for your baby. Just remember that your baby’s stomach is only half the size of a fingernail. Reading the correct educational books to guide you into eating the right fruits, veggies, starch, proteins, calcium for your progressing stage is crucial to healthy baby development.

Keep active: the more active you are the less time you have to read through your cravings. Cravings are just a sign of your hormones unbalancing and sometimes cravings aren’t symbolic. Try to get outdoors and keep your body mind and wellbeing at an active rate to assist in your metabolic rate and natural healthy body production.

Surround yourself with positive habits: be amongst like-minded healthy individuals who either have been through the same situation as you or are going through the same situation as you. It’s important to keep your mind focused and sometimes we may stumble across “baby brain” which assists in the impulse side of our brains development. Positively enhance yourself, your home and your surroundings with good foods, healthy activities, like minded friends and family and healthy snacks at home. Get connected with your local soft impact pregnancy yoga group, go for strolls around your local bay or park or go window shopping for the day.

Keep your mind active and stimulated: think about that’s best for your baby health wise and portion wise. When you keep your body and mind active, your cravings will decrease and your mouth will less want to do the “eating motion” as often. Read more books, speak to more friends and family and get creative in the home to keep your mind balanced.

By doing the proper research and speaking to your local health professionals, nutritionist, pediatrician, midwife, local support circle and family you will ultimately come to the conclusion that your body can take what it needs and put into your baby’s natural storage source. By storing unhealthy foods in your body, you are leaving less room for the good nutrients. Speak to your local gp and nutritionist to understand what is best for your height, weight, health circumstance and lifestyle. Each woman is completely different from the next, and by reading your bodies needs you will understand what healthy nutrients your baby is needing and the healthy nutrients that comes with it.

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