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Dealing with Potty Mouth Toddlers

Written by Jana Angeles 

Potty mouth toddlers doesn’t mean you have failed parenting. Let’s face it, it happens to most of us and there’s going to be an occasion where your little one may drop a rude word here or there. Just remember that just because this happens, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your fault – your child could be trying to pronounce a different word that sounds like they’re swearing.

Of course, we’re all guilty of having a laugh when we hear our toddlers drop some rude words but when they repeatedly use them, we should step in and draw the line. In the end, we have to be conscious about the language they use when they’re not at home so they’re not embarrassing themselves or frowned upon by members of the public. Here are some ways you can deal with your toddler’s potty mouth: 

Replace It With A New Word 

Toddlers are starting to learn new words and form sentences everyday, so it’s essential to help them on the path of expanding their vocabulary. If you find that your little one is unintentionally swearing, replace the words with other ones. This will encourage them to use these words with the same meaning minus the negative impact (and the embarrassment). Not only that, you can teach them the respect of language and how to be polite around people they don’t know quite well.  

Do Your Best Not To Laugh 

Although it seems impossible, it can be done.  If you laugh when your toddler throws an f-bomb out of nowhere, they will think of it as a positive reaction from you. Do your best to discourage your child from using any coarse language and tell them it’s a ‘bad’ word. If you do happen to laugh, immediately brush it off and know when to stop. It’s okay to have a little giggle but when it happens more than once, it’s time to let go and play the ‘parent’ card.  

Be Conscious About Your Language 

You may have gotten comfortable swearing around the household and your toddler has managed to catch up on the language – uh oh! As hard as it may be, hold off the swearing whenever your little one is around you. Even if you’re feeling upset, angry or frustrated, it’s important to replace those swear words and use kid-friendly language around the household. Tell your partner to be conscious about their language too. Make it a rule that you can only swear if your child is fast asleep, hanging out with the grandparents or when they’re preoccupied with an activity. 

Ignore It 

The best thing you can do to avoid the awkward swearing is to simply ignore it. Brushing it off is an effective way because you aren’t reacting to it and it also helps take your attention away from the toddler when using the language. Toddlers have a short attention span and it could be the off-occasion where they’re trying to say something but they say it the wrong way. Don’t feel pressured into finding solutions immediately but be cautious. If they keep swearing, it’s time to put your foot down and try and change their swearing habits. 

Potty Mouth Toddlers are just another obstacle parents go through. If you’re feeling disheartened or not sure what to do, just remember this will pass. Keep your cool, don’t get mad and be firm when it’s deemed necessary. Parenting is a crazy journey and this is another challenge you should all tackle. Be supportive and don’t judge your little one too much if they drop a rude word here or there. They are still innocent little creatures – we just need to help them be in the right direction.  

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