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Destiny’s Story

When Destiny was seven years old, she faced a horrific experience of sexual assault; the trauma shook destiny to the core of her emotional wellbeing. 

The perpetrator received a jail sentence of two years but was initially let out after eight months of the jail sentencing. Destiny began to isolate herself and immediately developed problems due to the experience she had gone through such as ‘Ticks’ where she was unable to control her own body and therefore resulting in her muscles tearing. Destiny had a huge mountain to climb before she would feel peace with her body and mind.

Destiny had been put down on numerous waiting list for counselling and treatments, but the wait for Destiny overcoming this horrible encounter was pushed under the carpet as she turned eight. She was now beginning to be bullied and an exhausting fight with her body continued daily. Destiny decided to overdose on muscle relaxers and sleeping pills due to the hardships she went through each day – thankfully she made it through. 

As her mother, I was devastated that my baby hated herself and felt death was better than living at only eight years of age. The Australian Law System for punishment has let her down and I was not going to do the same. I became her counsellor and eventually showed her the light so she could feel beautiful about herself once again. I found things to distract her such as singing and dancing together and began creating her dream to be a singer.

Destiny found an amazing singing teacher named Dianne Regan who understood her story and gave her a voice. Destiny then found KNK Kookies and Kreme hip hop dance school, which is run by Jet Valencia whom was a finalist for Australia’s Got Talent and a Ballet dance instructor named Miss Mims. This is where the real healing of destiny began. 

Dancing and singing stopped all her ticks as her mind was so dedicated to the freedom she found in dancing and singing. By age eleven, she had won many awards for her now talent: The World Australian Hip Hop Championships with her crew named Lil Kookies as pictured. 

When Destiny was not dancing and singing, her ticks were at peak and her anger was out of control as she had always participated in athletics prior to the assault. We decided it was best she hung up the running shoes and pick up a shotput. This helped with all the anger issues and she was able to release her pain during her throws. Destiny represented NSW in New Zealand and brought back a bronze medal. 

Destiny now twelve is still dealing with ticks but we are happy to say they are only around on occasion and under stress. Her last journey in her recovery was learning to love herself and give back to those who helped her. She will compete in Miss Diamond Australia on April 7th in Brisbane. This pageant is all about the real beauty of an individual and does not discriminate against age, gender, size or ability. MDA is an anti-bullying pageant that inspires charitable endeavours and self-love. A part of the MDA is to raise money for charity.

Destiny has chosen Tourette’s Association Australia and now has built so much confidence over the past for months, advocating and speaking out at community events. Destiny even had the opportunity to join the first ever council primary school; 2168 children parliament. 

Miss Diamond Australia has given back Destiny’s self-esteem and love for her inner beauty, which is the greatest thing to see as a mother. Destiny said it does not matter if she never becomes a famous singer/dancer or if she doesn’t win the grand finals at MDA. She would like other trauma warriors to know that life can get better. Although her daily ticks may never disappear, her mind is stronger now. She is the director of her own body and journey: believe and achieve. 

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