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Difrax Toddler Feeding Range Review

Difrax is a Dutch brand known for their innovative products made for babies, children and parents. If you’re looking for reliable baby bottles and soothers, Difrax is a brand you can trust. My Child Magazine Readers had the opportunity to use the bowl, cutlery and training cup and took the chance to review them.

The bowl has a non-slip base, providing a great grip especially if your high chair has a slippery surface. Though it’s a little heavier than what you expect, this will minimise the chance your little one will lift its contents and tip it over. The bowl is also perfect for snacks/finger foods and your child will not need their fork and spoon to eat them. The cutlery goes hand-in-hand with the bowl and is perfect for your child’s tiny hands. The fork and the spoon are smaller than most kids’ cutlery but has a wide grip so your child can easily hold them while eating. However, the cutlery has a rubbery grip so be aware of your child chewing on them, especially when they’re at their teething stage.

The sippy cup is non-spill, which our reviewers loved. It also has a flow controller under the lid so parents can adjust the speed of flow when your child drinks. The toddler training cup is recommended for older toddlers as the younger ones may find it difficult to sip and gulp from it. One of our reviewers found that the hole to drink from prevented their child from tilting their head while drinking, so issues with flow were not found. Both the sippy cup and training cup can be easily cleaned and is dishwasher safe.

Described as “refreshing” and “bright”, the Difrax range is colourful and can be enjoyed by your toddlers. The handles that come with the sippy cup and the training cup provide convenience as your child can easily hold them while drinking. Making this unique for your little ones, they will feel a sense of independence using the cups – you could say it’s an upgrade from their milk bottles too! Although the Difrax range will provide your child a stepping stone to eating and drinking independently, it all depends on the pace of your child and how quickly they learn. Give it time, they will be able to eat and drink on their own eventually.


“All in all, we loved the range. It is brightly coloured and the designs are refreshing…” – My Child Magazine Review (2017)

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