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Written by Sheree Hoddinett

That’s it, I’m out. Done. Finished. I quit. I’m handing the job over to someone else. My 7-year-old thinks she’s qualified enough to mum, will she do instead of me? Don’t even get me started on her 5-year-old sister thinking she’s the boss too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to be raising independent, strong and shall we say, “spirited” young ladies, but I think they lost the memo that says I’m the mum! It’s probably more a case of they like seeing the other sibling in more trouble than they can poke a stick at, but I find it tricky to be the parent when I’m trying not to laugh at the new “boss lady”. 

If only they could take over all aspects of parenting, I’d be set. Pay the bills, clean, do the washing, pick up after everyone. But nope, never going to happen. Apparently that’s my job. Can I start eye rolling at them now? Haha! Imagine the whole role reversal situation. It would actually create more work for me in the long run, so nooooo maybe not! I guess one positive way of looking at it all is that my girls aren’t afraid to show what they’re capable of. I love that. Until it annoys me and they annoy each other being too bossy and we’re pretty much back at square one. Plus on top of that Mummy gets angry and starts yelling and then there are tears, not sure who from anymore, haha! If only they did what I told them, how sweet life would be then. I like to think they actually listen to me sometimes, but I’m probably dreaming.

When it comes to parenting, it’s pretty much all or nothing. Everything becomes all theirs and you are left with nothing. Bedspace, what bedspace? Even my chocolate gets taken by them now. No fair. Look I’m good at painting the downside to this parenting gig, but there is a lot of good in it too. It’s just not always happening when I want it to. So never really. I’m kidding. The moments might be fleeting but when they happen, my heart lights up. I have two beautiful little girls (yeah I know I’m pretty biased!) who can be kind, caring, thoughtful and even considerate. I just don’t seem to be the one often on the receiving end, haha!

I think what makes it all worse is that I know this is only the beginning, there is still so much more horrible stuff ahead of me, especially when it comes to having teenage girls. I’ve already said many times I’m running away then, it’ll be the safest option, for them and me! That or they can spend more time at their father’s house, haha! Can you imagine?! No I think I’ll deal with it the best way I can…alcohol…I mean with the appropriate discipline right?! If only I had a crystal ball…I already know I’ll probably do it all wrong and they’ll hate me and I’ll be the worst mum ever (can you tell I’ve already heard it all before?!) but they’ll still be stuck with me as their mum anyway. Suckers! 

Every stage and phase with my girls is something new and I’m still blindly finding my way through it all while discovering my strengths as a mum. But I’ve always maintained I have to be doing something right because they’re still going strong. Before you have kids, you have this vision of how you think everything will pan out, it never happens. It’s just a dream, a hope that everything will be perfect. There’s always perfect moments, however fleeting they may be. Who knows, my girls may just surprise me and turn into well behaved angelic children. Pigs might fly too, but I think we’re all still waiting on that one.

My girls always tell me what an awesome mum I am. It makes me laugh because I often wonder what they want. But in all honesty I should probably listen to them. They say kids are good at telling things exactly how it is because there is no filter. So I guess if it was really bad they’d tell me. At least I hope so! I guess if they don’t drive you crazy in some way, shape or form, then something must be up. That’s life with kids for you. Check out more of my parenting fun with my own blog over at Until next time….

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