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Written by Liza John 

Finding stability in childhood is a crucial factor in the proper development of a child. While life may get in the way of most things, there are a few ways through which you can maintain a semblance of normalcy in your child’s life. A simple one is by creating or practising family rituals.  

Some families have rituals passed on from the earlier generations, while others might have to get creative. However, you choose to do it, taking part in something together as a family can be one of the best memories you can create with your child. 

Importance Of Family Rituals 

Be it a secret handshake, a bedtime story, or a religious celebration, family rituals mean a lot more than what you might think it does. In a world filled with constant changes and stress, to your toddler, a family ritual can be the root of identity. Giving them a sense of belongingness and security, family rituals facilitate bonding time and allow you to connect with the family.  

When you have a ritual with your toddler, they come to see it as an anchor when something is troubling them. Showing them that the world is a predictable and safe space, rituals, can calm down your toddlers when they are fussy. Especially, bedtime rituals can help you with settling down your child while you are travelling.  

So, look for a special activity to do with your child, celebrate a cultural event, spend some time together before going to bed, come up with a few code words to communicate, your child will appreciate the fun. 

Creating Fun Rituals  

Taking part in family rituals can sound fun on paper but making it interesting for a toddler can be tricky. Remember to include your toddler the most because they can easily feel left out. Choose something they enjoy doing and ensure that you follow the rituals at regular intervals. Here are some interesting activities you can make a fun family ritual: 

Home Videos 

Making home videos may not seem like a big deal in this age of smartphones, but this one can be a fun family ritual. Dig out your old camcorder and film your family doing something together. Your toddler will have a novel experience and get to preserve it for later. Get that camera running on birthdays, and vacations, and maybe even make a home film out of it.   

Secret Handshakes 

There is nothing more attractive to toddlers than crazy secret handshakes. Indulge your child here and come up with a handshake that satisfies them. Practice it as a ritual before dropping them off at school, or before you leave for work. The reassurance and joy that this ritual can give your child, is beyond compare. 

Gratitude Expression  

While managing work and family, parents tend to get ahead of themselves and feel overwhelmed. Journaling is one of the best ways to release a significant amount of accumulated tension. Along with your toddler, sit down and either write down or simply take turns in talking about something you are grateful for. This ritual is a great way to instil the value of gratefulness in your child.  

Crafts Time 

Fit in some time to be creative as a family and polish your crafts skills. By doing some craftwork and trying to create things with their hands, your toddler is going to enjoy the benefits of better finger dexterity, intelligence, problem-solving, and creative thinking. Sharing this experience with your toddler is going to make you feel better as well.   

Final Thoughts 

As much as you wish to carry on with your family rituals without any disruption, circumstances might demand otherwise. Your work schedule can change, your child might have something else demanding their attention as they grow, and there might be many other miscellaneous interruptions to your rituals. The key to dealing with changes effectively is by being accommodating.    

Look for ways that you can continue your family rituals. Maybe start a new ritual as time permits, or you can also look for another time for your family rituals when the time is right. However, you deem fit, find ways to spend time with your family and make sure that your child knows that even if you cannot continue with the rituals like before, you can still be there for each other.  

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