Written by Feba Maryann 

Let’s face it, behind all of those cute innocent smiles, kids inevitably make us suffer. Whether it is losing sleep taking care of your whiny baby. Or a stubborn toddler who won’t budge to your efforts to make peace. Or their teenage shenanigans that make up walk with your heart in your mouth. 

This stress and sacrifice although painful and tough to deal with, studies suggest that a sense of purpose can help you fare better than the average dad. So, it is important that you figure out some meaningful long-term goals. 

Finding your purpose as a father may be difficult, but here are a few ways to help you in making decisions on how to find your purpose as a father. 

Talk To Your Partner 

As a father, it is essential to interact with your partner and ask their views on what makes you a good father. Seek suggestions from your partner about the father’s goals. Express your thoughts and take help from her in finding your purpose as a father. 

Interact With Others 

Join into a dad’s group. However, all the dads want to give the best to their child. Discussing with other dads helps you in finding your purpose. You can also discuss this with your family members as well. They may express their views and share their experiences in finding their purpose. These conversations will help you a lot. 

Retrieve Old Memories 

As we grow up, we have many memories where our parents made us feel sad. Learn from those situations. Don’t make your child feel as you felt when you were in that situation. Don’t forget that finding your purpose as a dad is a constantly changing process. Adapt to the situation and move according to the needs of your child. 

Know From Books and Movies 

To find your purpose as a father, take inspiration from books and novels which portray emotions between children and father. You may also watch movies which show the meaningful relationships between a child and father.  

Spend Quality Time with Your Child 

Do the things which make you happy when you are with your kids. Spend time together by doing activities such as watching movies, gardening, playing indoor games etc. All these fun activities make your kids feel that you are their happy place. Along with this make sure that your kids are interested in all these activities.  

Be Optimistic 

As a dad, always show the positive light of life to your child. In this changing world, you should always navigate your child towards the bright side of the future. Be the constant hope for your child. 

Clear Out the Confusions 

Being a father for the first time, you may be confused in many things. Make sure that all the decisions you take are right for you and your family in all aspects. These decisions all together will help you in finding the exact purpose of you as a father. 

In the process of finding your purpose as a father, follow these steps to engage with your child. 

Let Your Child Choose 

Give your child options to make decisions. Explain the consequences of their choice. Help them in understanding the situation and let them face the results of their decision. This helps in making the child understand how this world works and how to choose wisely in the given options. 

Don’t Give a Sugar-Coated Life to Your Child 

You as a dad might be tempted to give your child a sugar-coated life, keeping them away from hardships and getting them anything they want. However, allowing your child to grow up in a bubble, could turn out to be a big mistake.  

As they do not come across any hard situations in their life in childhood, as they grow up it will be difficult for them to face the harsh and difficult realities of life. Instead, you should try to help them face real life situations on their own and guiding them if necessary. 

Don’t Punish Your Kids 

Instead of punishing your kids for their mistakes, try to understand their situation and consider their innocence. Understand the challenges your child is facing and try to help them in that situation. Understand what your kids actually need at that moment from you.  

Let Them Explore 

Let them try new things on their own. You do not try things for your child instead help them learn independence, success and failures through their experience.