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GLOBBER EVO COMFORT has you covered for years!

From pushchair to walking bike to scooter, it grows with your child. 

The all new GLOBBER EVO COMFORT is the one and only scooter your child will need in the early years.  This scooter converts from pushchair, to walking bike to a pre-schooler’s scooter, and eventually an older child’s scooter, saving you retail time and money. 

As a parent you are constantly having to re-buy items your child has outgrown. Whether it’s shoes, clothing, toys or even eating and drinking implements, there seems to be a never ending list of things they need. Replacing such items is expenisve and time consuming. Globber understands you’ve got better things to do with your time and money. The Evo Comfort easily transitions to grow with your child for years.   

When your child is starting out set the GLOBBER EVO COMFORT to ‘walking bike’ mode, including T-bar handles for parents and footrest for your child. As they grow more confident remove the footrest and your child can help push along with their feet. When they are ready, remove the T-bar and let your child zoom along in pushchair mode, without assistance from mum and dad. Onto the next transition, to get ‘scooter-ready’ simply remove the seat section and insert the T-bar to the front. Use the steering lock at first until they get the hang of it. Finally, adjust the height of the T-bar as your child grows.  

The French designed Globber scooters look great and are designed for comfort. In pushchair and walking bike mode an extra wide oval shaped seat with high rise back makes for a super comfy ride for children. Parents are also considered in this clever design. The T-bar held by parents is adjustable to four differents heights, so no matter how tall or short mum or dad are, there will a comfortable holding position.  

Safety is always top of mind for Globber designers. For newbies the EVO COMFORT steering lock button will prevent wheels from turning, making it easier to learn on. Once the child has mastered scooting in a straight line, unlock the wheels and encourage them try turning.  

The new EVO COMFORT is designed to easily adapt to the needs, growth and experience of your child, while providing them with a safe learning environment.  

Choose from three bright colours; blue, pink and green for $200. Optional light up wheels and other Globber accessories are available from independent retailers and 

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