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Glow Dreaming has been heralded as the most successful sleep aid in the marketplace. It was officially born with a single yet important aim: To help those who suffer from the unique torture of sleep deprivation. 

Founder of Glow Dreaming, Cara Benau was inspired to action by her step-daughter, Nevoh, who lost somebody very dear to her. As a result, bedtime became a harrowing ritual as she feared the worst when she closed her eyes.  

It was heartbreaking for Cara and her husband Aloni to see their child go through that kind of pain and it provided a stark reminder of the impact that trauma had on children. This was the first time that Nevoh had ever experienced death and as a consequence, Nevoh was making a connection between sleep and death.  

Nevoh’s sleep deprivation affected the entire family. It was a tumultuous experience for everyone involved. “We had custody of Nevoh 50% of the time. Given that the death Nevoh experienced was on our side of the family, the fears about sleep and death manifested more-so in our home rather than her mother’s. This fear progressed to a stage where Nevoh was scared to sleep in our home and stopped visiting. The painful stage began when Nevoh would come for a short visit but would never stay overnight. It was at this stage that we were desperate to find a solution” said Cara.

Cara and Aloni were devastated and struggled with losing their little girl. It started impacting Nevoh’s success at school, her social life, and she drastically withdrew from friends and family. This vibrant, beautiful girl had become a shadow of her former self and couldn’t spend quality time with Cara and Aloni as they had previously enjoyed.  

It wasn’t just psychological; the physical change was just as drastic. Nevoh developed dark circles under her eyes and her skin became paler by the day. Nevoh looked more physically ill the longer this went on. It seems she was struggling mind, body and soul, highlighting that age is not important when sleep is at the core of your holistic wellbeing. Without sleep, not only do you cease to be yourself but you cease to function.  

Cara and Aloni became desperate and attempted a multitude of different methods in the hope of aiding Nevoh’s sleep. Sleep schools, melatonin drops, change of diet and exercise regime, aromatherapy, frequent visits to the doctor and a highly regarded child psychologist… no stone was left unturned.   

A sense of complete hopelessness started creeping in and at this point Cara and Aloni thought a fresh start might just help. Together with Nevoh, a whole new bedroom suite was purchased to help take away the memories and create a fresh, new space but again, to no avail. So desperate to find a solution, they considered moving to see if change on a bigger scale would help.

As a last resort Aloni, after months of research, discovered the various benefits of some of the latest scientific findings around Red LED Light Therapy and Pink Noise. Cara and Aloni combined this research with the tried and tested organic essential oils and a humidifier. Finally, they saw slow, but steady improvements. Three separate machines used to provide a single outcome, SLEEP.  “Excited was an understatement” the Benau’s laughed.

Following their success, they wanted to create a product that would help others avoid the pain and stress that they’d gone through. The idea of one product bringing all the solutions they’d painstakingly trialled together was born. After months of exhaustive research, they reached out to World leading sound specialist Dr Stephane Pigeon who was intrigued by the concept. He worked tirelessly to develop a unique frequency that uses a specific rhythm to encourage drowsiness and help you fall into a state of sleep called Slow Wave Sleep (often referred to as Deep Sleep). The results were dreamy.  

Never before had a machine been created to simply cover all the bases in an easy to use product. Assessing the exact sleep issue is incredibly difficult. So rather than trying to force parents to pinpoint the specific root cause, Glow Dreaming was created to cover nearly all the issues. Where one element might fail in fixing the problem, the other two succeed. Incredibly, most see results in the first 6 nights but over time (and with consistent use), the Glow

Dreaming becomes a fantastic tool that teaches your child how to sleep in what is not always “perfect” conditions. Creating these “perfect” conditions is not only near impossible and expensive but it sets them up for future sleep failure, impacting them not just as children but as adolescents and adults too. Glow Dreaming teaches the body to help itself fall asleep by stimulating melatonin production, aligning your slow wave sleep cycle and creating multiple sensory cues that help us fall asleep.  

Glow Dreaming is based on scientific research making it a masterful sleep aid. This has resulted in over 20,000 customers getting the sleep they’ve been begging for Australia-wide. The Glow Dreaming journey so far has been beyond all expectations for Cara and Aloni. The growth has been organic to date, with happy mothers shouting Glows’ praises from the roof tops. When you help desperate mums on the verge of breakdown they have no issues singing your praises.

Each month Glow Dreaming continues to receive thousands of testimonials and success stories and Cara is so happy to share them with the growing Glow Dreaming social community. The Benau’s are extremely proud of the amazing community that has formed in the afterglow of the product’s success. The Mums who have had success are so quick to help other mothers because they have been there and know that sleep deprivation can be crippling. At the end of the day a community has been created that just wants to bring sleep to those who need it most.   

For those mums who are facing sleep challenges with their children, don’t suffer in silence. Sleep deprivation can lead to a whole lot of other issues so put your hand up and ask for help. Don’t be afraid to share the load with your partner, no one should have to face it alone. 


RED LED LIGHT: Uses the same technology used by NASA for its astronauts.
Red spectrum light helps stimulate the body’s production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for telling us it’s time for sleep. It combats the damage caused by resetting our internal clocks. 

SLOW WAVE SLEEP SOUND THERAPY: utilises what’s called Pink Noise. Unlike white noise it does a lot more than just block out background noise. Pink Noise is the frequency you commonly hear in things like waterfalls, rain and thunder. World leading sound specialist Dr Stephane Pigeon has created a unique frequency just for Glow Dreaming using a specific rhythm and timing that actually helps cause drowsiness and gets us to fall into a state of sleep called Slow Wave Sleep. It is the most restful and best type of sleep. A recent study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (March 2017) proved that pink noise helps us get to a deeper sleep and improve our memory. This specific frequency is now being tested as a way for slowing down Alzheimer’s disease 

HUMIDIFER: Helps reduce dampness or heat by using ultrasonic waves to create air moisture and combat the drying effects of heating and air-conditioning. 

AROMATHERAPY: Essential oils to heal, harmonise and correct imbalances of the body and mind, The Glow Dreaming gift box features a capsule of the world’s best organic therapeutic-grade essential oil which has been specifically designed by the world’s leading paediatric specialist Dr Bo Hendgen.  

ESSENTIAL OILS: TWINKLE STAR by Absolute Essential has been specially formulated using a blend of essential oils scientifically proven to help children sleep. 

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