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Good Behaviour Tips For Toddlers

Written by Lindsay Lonsdale  

Instilling good behaviour for toddlers is a great way to encourage them to gain some manners and be respectful when it comes to meeting people they come across. Adapting some of these won’t happen overnight – it takes a lot of time and commitment and you will only see results if you’re serious about letting your kids learn to be the best version of themselves. Having good behaviour can help them in terms of discipline, giving them the preparation they need for when they go to school.   

When it comes to steering your children in the right direction to good behaviour, these tips could help you start early and see what works! 

Be A Role Model 

The first step in adapting good behaviour starts with you. Being a good parent will do you wonders because you are the example you set your children. If you have bad habits to get rid of such as smoking, gambling or getting irritated at the most simplest things, it’s time for change! Do your best to not let these get in the way of developing healthy relationships with your children – you need to be conscious about the impact of your own actions.  

Provide Positive Feedback When They Show Good Behaviour 

Feedback is the only way your children will learn to behave themselves. When you are praising them for remembering to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ or even simply helping you clean up around the house, showing appreciation for their small acts of kindness will go a long way.  

Children love to feel good about themselves and it all starts with receiving praise for something they’ve done. If they’ve been good for the last few weeks, take them out for the day and do something fun! Go to the zoo, the nearest theme park or play centre as a treat for being so well-behaved. 

Position Yourself On Their Level When Speaking To Them 

Do you want to know why Prince George is so well-behaved? His father, Prince William, gets down on his level when it comes to speaking with him. Positioning yourself and talking to your children on their level will keep them balanced. Talking over your children should be avoided at all costs as it gives a powerful stance that could intimidate your children; it doesn’t hurt to crouch down and speak to them on eye level. It’s a simple yet powerful move to get them to listen to you. It could be the thing missing from the picture when it comes to adapting good behaviour. 

Be Firm If They Throw Any Tantrums  

Don’t feel bad for saying ‘no’ even if it causes a scene in public. We all know that scenario where your child becomes extremely upset when they don’t get that chocolate bar at the supermarket. It is, to say the least, embarrassing for all parents, but that doesn’t mean you should let others judge you on your parenting style. If they chuck a tantrum, let them go wild when it comes to their feelings. Simply letting out their own frustrations will allow them to realise that they can’t get everything handed down to them if they do not behave respectfully. 

Good behaviour is all about reaping what you sow. Yes, it will take a lot of commitment into getting your kids to be well-mannered and respectful but just remember the benefits they will gain later in life. They will need to understand that chucking a tantrum or whining won’t get them what they want in the real world. Learning how to be well-behaved will get them far in life; it will teach them discipline and that their actions always have consequences.  

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