Goodbye lunchbox mother guilt!

We all start the school year with the intention to be perfect mums with a fridge, freezer and pantry full of healthy goodies with our happy, golden children marching off to school bursting with excitement to open their lunchboxes full of nutritious and delicious home- made goodies …or not??  

Yes, it is on the New Year resolution list every year and some great attempts have been made, but alas the “packet rat pack” is still making an appearance in the lunchbox and by mid-term they have completed their hostile take-over.  

Thankfully there is a whole universe out there dedicated to making it much easier for parents to take back control of what their children eat and especially healthy lunchbox options. 

Facebook is full of wonderful closed groups (be careful some are quite nasty if you don’t use their preferred style of lunchbox…) with literally thousands of parents happy to share their wins via daily updates of their creations. They are generous with recipes and tips and are a great way to find inspiration. Who knew there were so many ways to make healthy food look appealing to kids that are barraged with sugar and fat laden options on every screen and supermarket shelf? Some of my favourite groups are Bento Lunchbox Mums, Kids Lunchbox Ideas and Little Bento World Lunchbox Australia. 

If you are looking for a bit more structure, there are even courses you can take like the 5-minute healthy lunch box system from the This company is so committed to healthy eating transformations they have taken their family on the road to educate schools and children across Australia. Amazing! 

If you are already part-way there and just need the tools to get your children excited about opening their lunch box, there is no shortage of gorgeous lunch box sets available. 

We at My Family Kids Brand launched our coordinated range in 2016 when our retail customers constantly told us there was huge demand for a coordinated (think matchy matchy) quality reusable lunch range, with a 12month warranty at an affordable price 

Our stainless-steel drink bottles were the first cab off the rank and with so much love pouring in for our exclusive custom designs we decided to complete the range with a backpack, lunch bag and finally the cherry on top – the bento box. 

Our reusable stainless-steel drink bottles are food grade stainless steel, keeping water crisp and cool with no nasties in the pop top no-spill lid. 

With food wrap not permitted in most childcare centres and kindergartens, the bento box has become the go to choice for parents. With Bento lunchboxes hitting $50+ we got to work to find a tried and tested quality design but at a reasonable price. Kids tell us the twin clips are so easy to use and they are an extra level of safety should little fingers leave one clip only half closed! 

The My Family Super Bento lunchbox is made from high quality BPA free materials and the inner 4 compartment tray is made from safe and durable Tritan material making it long lasting and all-important dishwasher safe (top tray). The Super Bento is durable, drop tested and ready to handle all the “rough play” your kids have to offer!  

With airtight silicon seals the Super Bento is 100% leakproof and prevents spillage between compartments.  This means no more yogurt on your sambo and food wrap is a thing of the past, so the planet will love you too! 

The Super Bento fits perfectly into the My Family Lunchbag by Fridge to Go so the contents will stay cold and safe for 8+ hours! My Family lunch bags by Fridge to Go is a joint project between the two brands combining the fun of My Family prints with the patented 8-hour cold technology of Fridge to Go. 

Fridge to Go is an iconic brand with loyal customers returning year on year to buy one quality lunch bag for their child. Fridge to Go cools warm items to safe temperatures and keeps cool items fresh for 8 hours. No more soggy sandwiches or off yoghurts and breastmilk after a day out.  

A zip lock pocket keeps the ultra-thin ice pack in place and provides a generous space for maximum storage. An internal pocket keeps dry items secure and the external clip connects your lunchbag to your My Family Backpack in a snap.  

The My Family Backpack is the goldilocks size for toddlers..not to big not too small. Toddlers will be begging to carry their own bags in our super cute designs. Our backpacks are made from super safe linen with an essential wipe clean exterior.   

The backpacks are jam packed full of features like, insulated pockets for drink bottles, inner mesh pockets for medicines, outside front pocket for the wipes and quick essentials, name tags sewn inside backpacks, wide comfy adjustable straps for little bodies, quality zippers and all designed to last with a 12-month warranty.  

What’s new for Winter and Spring 2018? We are glad you asked… 

There is nothing better than last night’s scrumptious leftovers kept warm for lunch. Our fantastic Foxy and much-loved Unicorn are going to appear on new Stainless-Steel food jars this winter so yummy warm lunch just got fun. The food jars will also come with a matching spork that clips to the container for quick access. 

You told us you wanted to fit more snacks into your My Family by Fridge to Go. With that in mind we have sourced new super safe and BPA free reusable slidelock snack and sandwich bags in our best-selling prints. The pockets in our lunch bag keep them safely in place and super cool for 8 hours.  

Our Bentos have been hugely popular but we know everyone has different needs. To cater for younger kids the My Family bentos will come standard with a 6-compartment tray for even more surprises for all day grazing. The 4-compartment tray will be available as an add on accessory.  

If your kids loved our Unicorn, they are going to be beside themselves with the new Pugicorn which will be extended into our Bento, Fridge to Go and 400ml bottle. Our best- selling traffic bottle design is making an appearance in our Bento, Fridge to Go and 400ml bottle and we have some great new designs for older kids as well.  

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