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How To Handle The School Morning Rush

The New Year is an exciting time for parents and as we approach it with new goals and aspirations, we also want our children to do well in school. Once the Summer holidays are nearing the end, it’s difficult for us to go back into the morning routine we were once used to. It can also become an intense time for parents especially when it comes to dealing with the tantrums, the crying and constant nagging.

It’s easy to get lost in the moment and to expect so much from our children but once you nail down an efficient morning routine, looking back won’t be an option.

So how can we go back to the morning routine and prepare ourselves for the unexpected? We come up with effective ways that could help you and your partner deal with the dreaded school morning rush.

Be the first person to get up

Nobody likes getting up in the morning and we understand that sometimes we get carried away the night before and sleep a little later than usual. Now that school is back, we must make the effort of being up before the kids are. Getting out of bed thirty minutes beforehand can give us the opportunity to unwind and recoup our thoughts for the day. You can sneak in a light jog, meditate or cook up a big breakfast for yourself. This way, you’ll gain the confidence to tackle the challenges of the day by spending adequate time alone.

Make the effort of getting enough sleep

Being a night owl is just not an option anymore when it comes to being a parent. Having less than eight hours of sleep can really make us feel sluggish and unmotivated in the morning. Even though it may be tempting to binge-watch your favourite TV show, choosing sleep is a smarter option. If you get enough sleep, you’ll feel happier and less grouchy. You’ll also have some extra energy to get your kids ready for school and have an increased tolerance if they start showing attitude towards you.

Plan everything the night before

You can save a lot of time if you take advantage of doing some preparation the night before. Packing school lunches, laying out their uniform, signing all school forms and checking if bags are properly packed can do wonders and will save you the effort of doing these things last minute. Being organised can help make your mornings stress-free while also motivating you to plan ahead. Get your kids into the habit of getting their school forms signed on the day they receive them so they don’t miss any deadlines.

Get the kids to help you out

When your children get older, let them undertake the simple tasks of getting ready for school. Encourage them to help out when it comes to making school lunches and also packing the things they need for school. Letting your kids help out with these simple tasks can teach them how to get ready themselves. It will also encourage them to develop their sense of responsibility and independence.

Take a break from technology

While it sounds like a good idea to unwind with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, going through a social media detox during the school morning rush is a smart tactic. Distracting yourself with technology can make you unfocused and it won’t do you any favours if you’re trying to get your children to brush their teeth and shower too. Designate your time for social media and replying to emails when the kids are already in school. Always try and prioritise what needs to get done during the school morning rush.

Set time limits

Is your child taking slower than usual when it comes to getting ready? Setting time limits is an efficient way for your kids to get ready for school. Scheduling a time limit to eat breakfast, spending time in the bathroom and changing into uniform can help kids learn the concept of time management. This will also get them into the habit of planning how long each task should take and encourage them to follow the routine.

Plan breakfast meals

There’s no time for kids to be picky with breakfast so let them choose what to eat the day or night before. Making this decision will help them become organised and they’ll know what meal they can look forward to the next morning. Sitting with your children and discussing their breakfast meals will save time and drama; it will also eliminate the whining and the crying. This will help parents immensely if they know their kids are indecisive too when it comes to food.

Being stuck in a School morning routine doesn’t have to be mundane. Even though it feels like it, remind yourself that it’s for the best to keep your children organised when getting ready for school. As long as you find the time to unwind before the chaos begins, you’ll be doing yourself a favour. We understand that going back into a morning routine after the holidays can be difficult but remember it’ll take a couple of weeks for your kids to adjust again. Mornings are a struggle but once your kids grow into adults, the School Morning Rush is one of those childhood things you’ll definitely miss!

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