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Written by Lance Green

A strong father-daughter relationship is perhaps one of the most underrated reasons behind a successful woman. It is a consensus that mothers have much more to offer to their daughters than their fathers. This discourages fathers to actively pursue a relationship with their daughters. Also, the media paints a pitiful picture of father-daughter dynamics, the fathers are either completely cold or absent from the daughters’ lives or they are irrationally overprotective. There is no in-between and all these misconceptions fuel the belief that fathers don’t matter to their daughters.   

Like for any relationship, there is no handbook or a step-by-step guide for developing a solid father-daughter bond. It is the result of a bit of trial and error and lots of love for your daughter. Yet, there are a few sure-fire ways to ensure that your relationship with your daughter is a healthy and loving one. 

All About Being Present  

Yes. Without a question, being present for your daughter can do wonders for your relationship with her. Start early with this technique. Be there to change diapers, give a bath, and cuddle when needed. The presence of a strong and stable male figure early in life forms the foundation of your daughter’s identity.  

As she grows, find activities to do with her, discuss homework and hobbies with her. Research has proved that women with steady relationships with their fathers see more academic and career success. By spending time with your daughter, you can show her how much you value her and at the same time impart knowledge about the ‘guy things’ like changing tires and using power tools.  

Importance of Validation  

Living in a world like ours, daughters feel constantly compelled to look and act a certain way in order to be seen. This can prove to be very harmful to their health and thus, fathers should remain a constant source of validation for them. Approval, appreciation, and affection from the fathers are essential to the healthy development of a girl’s self-image.  

One of the best ways to show your daughters that they will always be loved and respected is by having a successful relationship with their mothers. This is also crucial in determining what these girls will look for in their future partners. No matter what anyone says, casually show your affection for your daughter through a lovely note or a surprise lunch.  

Building Trust  

Trust is a vital component of any relationship, and the father-daughter relationship is no exception. Children find it relatively easy to confide in their parents when they are young but during their adolescence, most fail to do so. While exploring their newfound independence, children may make errors or form views that you may not agree with. So, when they share their thoughts with you, try not to be judgemental.  

When they receive harsh criticism for their thoughts, your daughters start to look for other confidantes. Instead, try engaging in thoughtful discussions and calmly presenting your views. Sharing the information, she trusted you with makes your daughter reluctant to open up to you again, so avoid that as well.  

Unconditional Love 

It is not only a mother’s love that knows no bounds. Despite what others tell you, make sure that your daughter knows she is loved and valued. If space ever crept in between, you and your daughter, put your pride aside, and extend a hand to reconcile.  

Make sure that you parent your daughter and your son in the same way. Knowing that their father will always be there, even after they messed up, can give daughters a different brand of confidence. This does not mean that you should never discipline or correct them. Implementing tough love occasionally has wondrous effects on parent-child relationships.  

Final Thoughts 

The key to having a strong father-daughter bond is nothing more than being present and wholeheartedly accepting your daughter. In fact, there is no need to be the best father out there but being a father who tries to be one is enough.  

Being daddy’s little girl sparks joy into the hearts of daughters. Taking the time and effort to develop your relationship with your daughter will definitely bear you fruits of joy. Empower your little girl by sticking with her through thick and thin and you will create loads of memories along the way.  

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