The moment you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, you make the promise to yourself that you will do everything to nurture, love and protect them. A tiny soul that relies 100% on you. It is one of the most amazing experiences but also a scary one for first time mothers as you navigate through a new phase of your life.  

It is easy to be overwhelmed with information from friends, family, the internet, and books telling you what to do, what works, techniques, but the simple fact is each child is different and it simply isn’t a one-size-fits all approach. As a new mother, it is important to trust your instinct. Everyone will have a different style and that’s ok, it’s about finding your style and what works for you, your baby and your family.  

One thing remains the same for all newborns however, that their skin is incredibly sensitive and therefore you should select products suited to their delicate skin. From soothing rash creams, to a nightly massage oil to help your baby sleep, a daily body wash and shampoo – selecting the most gentle, safe and effective formulations that nourish newborn skin is essential, especially for babies with sensitive or easily irritated skin. With more research coming out on the effects of ingredients in skincare, more and more products on the market are removing harsh ingredients such as parabens, synthetic ingredients, SLS, petrochemicals and genetically modified ingredients, and infusing their products with natural oils and scents. Because, let’s face it, mother nature got it right!  

The Little Innoscents range of certified organic baby skincare products have been trusted by Australian mums for over 10 years. The range was created by a mother for mothers. Formulated with only natural ingredients and scented with beautiful essential oils, these products will soothe, nourish and hydrate your newborn’s skin. Essential items for baby’s daily skincare routine include a: 

Hair & Body Wash – Our Little Innoscents Spearmint & Sweet Orange Hair & Body Wash is a family favourite. This natural all-in-one low-sud cleansing gel, with Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil and the refreshing scent of Spearmint and Sweet Orange, will leave your little one’s skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Perfect for dry, itchy or sensitive skins, it’s gentle but effective and can be used for both hair and body and in both the shower and bath. Brilliant for babies, but great for the whole family. 

Intensive Soothing Cream – An effective, natural nappy rash cream that is gentle and calming on an area that has a tendency to get red and irritated. The Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream is excellent and also ideal for extra dry areas such as knees, hands and elbows. Featuring a calming blend of Aloe Vera, shea butter and Avocado oil, it is enriched with the healing benefits of Calendula and Rosewood oil, to help stimulate and regenerate damaged skin cells. Free from zinc and chemicals, it is a safe alternative for your little one. 

Nourishing Massage Oil - A great introduction into your nightly routine, massage not only provides contact and connection, but a soothing way to ease your baby into a sleepy state. Massage is also something special a father can do with their child to increase their connection and one-on-one time with their baby. Rub a small fifty-cent size amount of the Little Innoscents Nourishing Massage Oil into the palm of your hands and gently rub all over your baby’s body. Starting from the chest before working your way out to the legs and arms ensuring you massage the oil gently into all the folds of their skin to keep it well hydrated and nourished. It is also a great product to assist with Cradle Cap and provides a natural and effective way to soothe and reduce this very common condition. The Nourishing Massage Oil is also great for mothers to rub into stretch marks or on their stomachs during pregnancy. Rich in Sunflower and Jojoba oil, it features all the healing properties of Vitamins A, D and E which help to nourish and hydrate skin. 

Paw Paw Balm – A handy and well-loved essential is our Paw Paw Balm. It has a multitude of uses from soothing your own dry chapped lips and cracked, sore nipples to creating a healing barrier when used on cuts and bruises and can also be an effective moisture barrier cream on babies. Infused with Calendula, Vitamin E and Australian Paw Paw it soothes, nourishes and replenishes skin cells. This certified organic product is a mother’s best friend and nappy bag essential.  

Natural Baby Wipes – Given babies love to put everything in their mouth, it is best to use an all-natural baby wipe – free of any artificial fragrances, colours, alcohols or parabens. With so many nappy changes it’s essential to choose an all-natural wipe and ideally one with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, formulated to soothe, cleanse and enrich baby’s skin. Chemical free wipes are also handy and important for wiping and cleaning down sticky fingers, toys and other child sensitive surfaces (prams, high chairs, nappy change tables). 

Containing only the highest quality ingredients and Australian owned and made, mothers can be rest assured that Little Innoscents products are 100% safe to use on your family. Created to be versatile and cost effective, these top-tier certified products will become part of your baby’s daily skincare routine.  

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